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Alabama Cat Ladies is Arrested?

Alabama Cat Ladies

Six months after their first arrest for feeding stray cats, the Alabama Cat Ladies were arrested again. Learn about the recent December arrest. Several recordings went viral after the cat ladies Alston and Roberts were arrested in June.

Local police advised Roberts in March not to feed cats on courtroom grounds.

But they didn’t stop there, and in June,

Both she and Alston were arrested on county-owned property near the courthouse for feeding cats on public grounds.

yet, one or two hours later, the police arrive at the precise location and find both of them feeding cats.

Both were arrested immediately by police and while being handcuffed, Alston called one of the officers “son of a bitch,” as shown in the video.

Alston and Beverly Roberts of Alabama were arrested for trespassing to feed cats.

For than six months, Beverly Roberts, 85, and Mary Alston, 61,

had been feeding and capturing cats on the grounds of the Elmore County Courthouse in Wetumpka.

They were cautioned not to return to the property more than three times, and after numerous warnings, police detained them.

Alabama Cat Ladies
Alabama Cat Ladies arrested news source: twitter

Two women were convicted of criminal trespass for feeding cats on county property.

The major reason they trapped the cat was to get it spayed or neutered

before finding new homes for it or returning it to the region.

Trapping, neutering, and returning cats is a frequent method for controlling the outdoor cat population, especially when the cats are too feral to acclimatize to an indoor household.

According to the police report,

Robert told officers that she had trapped and returned 23 cats up to this point.

Many locals were interviewed when the woman was arrested, and many mentioned However,

some local officials said that the food left out for the cats drew additional cats.

Other creatures, in addition to cats, were detained by the food.

Alabama Cat Ladies
Alabama Cat Ladies being arrested source: Youtube

The Alabama Cat Ladies, Beverly Roberts, 85, and Mary Alston, 61,

were sentenced to two years of unsupervised parole on December 19, 2022.

Also, each of them was fined $100, and hopefully, more investigation or news about the cat ladies will stay put.

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Roberts and Alston will be released from prison in 2025.

Alabama Cat Ladies
Alabama Cat Ladies together source: Twitter

They attempted to do something nice for the environment, but it was illegal.

Cats were probably not banned to feed, but feeding them in public places and catching them were.

The two women drew the attention of national animal rights organizations after their video went viral.

They claim that catching feral cats and neutering them is a successful method of reducing the stray cat population.

“Compassion is not a crime,” said Alice Burton, Alley Cat Allies’ director of programming. “These are good Samaritans who should be praised rather than handcuffed.”