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Alastair Mackenzie, actor, is married to Susan Vidler

Alastair Mackenzie

Yes! “The Crow” and “Monarch of the Glen” actor Alastair Mackenzie is happily married to Trainspotting actress Susan Vidler. The couple met on the set of the 1997 short film California Sunshine.

Alastair Mackenzie is a skilled Scottish actor and writer.

He has appeared in films and television shows such as Monarch of the Glen, Borgen, Wolf Hall, and Peterloo.

The Perth native’s most recent appearance in the historical drama

Behind the camera, the actor is a devoted husband and father.

However, there is little information available regarding his family.

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So, in this piece, we’ll take a closer look at Alastair Mackenzie’s personal life and get to know his partner and children.

Is Alastair Mackenzie’s wife Susan Vidler?

If you are a fan of Alastair Mackenzie, you should be aware that the talented artist has

been with his partner Susan Vidler. The wonderful couple is even parents to two children.

Is Alastair Mackenzie, however, married to Susan Vidler? Yes, the answer is YES.

According to The Sun, the writer and Susan have a happy marriage.

Their commitment to keeping things private, on the other hand, made many question if the couple was married.

The couple meets for the first time while shooting on the short film California Sunshine.

Soon after, the instantly charmed couple began dating and eventually married.

The Mackenzie-Vidler marriage is still going strong,

And they have a loving family of four.

It would be wonderful if the couple could relax and speak more about their journey in the coming days.

Alastair Mackenzie was also born in Scotland.

She did, however, spend a half-decade of her upbringing in South Africa.

She returned to her hometown and finished her high school studies at Prestonlodge High School.

Ladylove of the actor studied acting at the Welsh College of Music and Drama.

She is also a talented actress, having received 47 acting credits.

Trainspotting, Naked, Doctor Who, Line of Duty, and The Wedding Tackle are among her major films and television series.

Alastair Mackenzie and his wife have a lovely family of four children.

As previously stated, The Crown actor and Line of Duty actress have two children, Martha and Freddy.

Martha Mackenzie, Susan Vidler and Alastair Mackenzie’s firstborn child, was born in December 1999.

Following that, Freddy Mackenzie, the couple’s youngest child, was born in September 2004.

The Mackenzie siblings have reached adulthood.

While the power couple’s daughter may have graduated from college, their son must still be in college.

Are the Mackenzie siblings interested in working in the film industry? The explanation, though, remains a mystery.

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Mackenzie, Alastair monetary value

In 1994, Alastair Mackenzie entered the film industry.

He has since appeared in a number of films and television shows.

Furthermore, the majority of his works have achieved commercial success.

As a result, Mackenzie must have amassed a sizable fortune in pennies.

According to Indeed, the average annual wage for an actor or actress in Scotland is £15,202 ($17423.32).

As a result, the Perth native must likewise fall inside that range.

When it comes to the actor’s lifestyle, he must live comfortably with his wife and other family members.

According to 2017 accounts, the Mackenzies live in Islington, North London.

Finally, we wish the Scottish actor and his family a happier and more magnificent life.