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Anjali Ramkissoon

Meet Anjali Ramkissoon

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When confronted with a variety of situations at varying times, reactions vary. Whether they are wild or troubled emotions, the effect they have on the individual cannot be denied.

While some have developed or discovered ways to control their emotions, many others continue to be ruled by their wild emotions, which appear to defy taming. Anjali Ramkissoon is one of those whose emotions got the better of them.

What is the net worth of Meet Anjali Ramkissoon?

Anjali Ramkissoon’s net worth is about $6 million.

Meet Anjali Ramkissoon
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Anjali Ramkissoon’s Biography

Anjali Ramkissoon was an Indian doctor working in a US hospital prior to the incident that brought her to public attention: assaulting an Uber driver in Miami, which is considered a far cry from the profession’s high standards.

Her research interests include headaches and sleep medicine, and she has also participated in research on epilepsy.

Drunk Girl Tries To Hijack An Uber and Destroys His Car! was uploaded to YouTube in early 2016.

There have been reports of a teeny-tiny resident doctor (Anjali) assaulting an Uber driver. The video, which was shot by a concerned bystander, went viral and earned the lady numerous backlashes, including the loss of her job.

The video of the attack was uploaded on January 19, 2016, and it quickly went viral, resulting in her termination from the hospital in April 2016, with less than a year remaining in her program.

The viral video has over 7 million views and has sparked widespread outrage and controversy.

However, the hospital stated that Anjali is entitled to an appeal.

What Motivated the Attack?

Life has a way of testing our patience and allowing us to determine the outcome and our response, most likely for those within our control. When Anjali appeared on Good Morning America following the release of the Uber driver’s attack video, she revealed that her two-year boyfriend, radiologist Sean O’Neill, had recently broken up with her.

While some may argue that is insufficient justification for inflicting another with the pain you experience in such situations, keep in mind that she is also human and is affected by events. What are we to do now that the deed has been completed?

When she realized her predicament, she procured a few drinks and became inebriated. Although she arrived in her own car, she was unable to drive herself home, necessitating the presence of the driver.

In any case, the driver had not been waiting for her in the first place. On that fateful Sunday night, January 17, 2016, one Juan Cinco (the man who videotaped the incident) ordered the car to transport him and a friend home from the Mary Brickell Village in Miami, Florida.

Anjali Ramkissoon, who arrived at that point, forced the driver to drive her home despite the fact that she had not made a reservation. Naturally, the driver refused to drive her and instructed her to exit his vehicle instead.

Anjali Ramkissoon flew into a rage and began punching, kicking, and profanely addressing the driver. She may be petite at only 5 feet tall and weighing less than 100 pounds, but she exuded such vitality that one would wonder what strength she possesses.

She also threw some of the driver’s personal belongings out the window onto the street, including his mail, cell phone, electronics, and other devices and possessions.

That is the end of a medical professional. You’re aware of how this works? Certain professions, such as hers, are held to a higher standard.

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The Event’s Aftermath

The driver had had enough and had to call the cops. Prior to their arrival, Anjali, who appeared to have had her fill with rage, walked away from the scene holding the car keys in her hands.

Of course, she fought the police, even kicking them, but she realized what was happening and became remorseful as she was being placed in the police car.

Anjali Ramkissoon began sobbing, apologizing, and claiming that if she was arrested, she would lose her medical license.

The Uber driver, who was a gentleman, chose anonymity and even declined to press charges.

He chose instead to accept a cash settlement that would cover only his cellphone bill and, most likely, his cable bill.

However, this was not the case at her workplace or among netizens. After the video surfaced, Jackson Health System placed her on administrative leave, and she was terminated from her position in April 2016.

Additionally, the University of Miami has removed all pages mentioning her name following the incident. Uber suspended her account while the investigation was ongoing.

While she later apologized for the incident, some internet users were unconvinced.

Anjali Ramkissoon faced a barrage of backlash, with some calling for her license to be revoked and bestowing upon her all manner of derogatory names and titles.

However, some were gracious and suggested that she be forgiven, stating that she is human and is bound to make human errors at times, referring to her misdeed as an aberration.