Caitlin Rice

Who is Caitlin Rice?

Caitlin Rice is a Caucasian fitness model, personal trainer, and entrepreneur. Caitlin Rice is an Instagram celebrity, best known for her fitness programs and workouts, which are also shared through her caitlinricefit Instagram account. She has been featured in Sporting News and Total Pro Sports.

She is famed for her beautiful body shape. Her most well-known training program is called “Booty Phases,” and there are presently four different versions available.

She doesn’t make videos of her ideas, but she vowed to do so in the future. At the moment, Caitlin’s workout sessions are defined in printed documents, which she suggests being brought to the gym and followed to the letter.

Caitlin Rice- Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Fitness model and certified personal trainer Caitlin Rice was born on November 6, 1991, under the sign of Scorpio in Dallas, Texas, USA.

She is most likely popular around the world for her regular exposure on social media and across multiple venues, thanks to her reportedly much-coveted body type.

Since 2007, she has also had several more accomplishments in her frequently profitable modeling career.

Caitlin was reared in her home state with her brother Ian, though she spent most of her youth moving across the country due to her (unnamed) father’s employment in the US Army, which required him to travel frequently.

Her mother’s occupation and identity are unknown.

Rice enjoyed a variety of physical sports as a child, but he was not interested in pursuing a career in fitness.

Caitlin was 16 years old when she was requested to try out for modeling by a few scouts while still attending an unidentified high school.

She accepted the offer and balanced her employment and studies for a while, while also doing her best to nearly completely minimize calorie consumption, as needed by the business.

 Caitlin left her job before college because the dietary requirements were too much for her.

Following her matriculation in 2009, she enrolled at her hometown’s Southern Methodist University, where she graduated with a degree in political science in 2013.

Rice intended to pursue specialization at a law school after that, but this never materialized.

Net Worth of Caitlin Rice? Salary, Earning

According to the majority of credible sources, Caitlin Rice’s net worth is close to $3 million.

Caitlin Rice is in her car. source: INSTA FITNESS MODELS

She acquired it by launching a personal business and leveraging her celebrity to promote several products during her career.

Caitlin is projected to become wealthier as she has no plans to exit the market.

Relationship, Married life, Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Because of the Instagram star’s general discretion regarding such issues, sources have nothing to say about Caitlin Rice’s romantic relationships.

It is commonly known, however, that Rice married Braden Matejka in 2015.

Braden can be seen in a relationship with another lady in 2017, implying that the two are at least separated, if not divorced.

This information comes from, which published an article about him and his new partner, accusing them of arranging money, laundering scheme in which Braden pretended to be a victim of the Las Vegas incident.

 Rice does not appear to have been involved with any other man since then, at least publicly.

Her love life has likewise not been the source of any controversy. She is currently thought to be single and living alone in San Diego, California.

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Color

Caitlin Rice stands 5feet 5inches (165cm) tall, weighs 106lbs (48kgs), and has vital statistics of 34-24-36.

Her shoe, dress, and bra sizes are unknown, but her body type is described as voluptuous.

She has dark brown hair and dark green eyes, as well as a normally bright yet tanned skin.

Caitlin Rice- Professional Career

Rice was already a well-known social media celebrity by the time she graduated, owing to her well-developed gym habit.

Instead of going to law school, she thought she had finally gathered enough momentum to pursue a career in the fitness business.

Initially, she gave fitness advice to her pals, hoping to get as many of them as possible to try out gym exercises.

Some accepted, and Caitlin earned her first coaching experience, albeit without monetary remuneration.

She used social media to reach out to a large number of people, eventually developing her own website and launching the CaitlinRiceFit firm.

The website offers prices for several workout plans, most of which focus on the gluteus area, as well as a variety of gym clothing.

Caitlin’s major source of revenue in 2019 is her infrequent public appearances elsewhere, on websites, and on TV shows such as “Sporting News” and “Total Pro Sports.”

She eventually became a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified trainer.

It allowed her to reach a much larger consumer circle and so earn more money.

Finally, she makes use of her social media exposure to promote numerous fitness, related companies.

Caitlin Rice- Social Media Status

Caitlin, who is highly involved in the modeling and fitness industries, would do well to cultivate a good relationship with her social media following, which would provide an exponential boost to her revenue.

Rice appears to be very active while she isn’t exercising, as she is very visible on various social networks.

Her Facebook page has about 180,000 fans, her Twitter account has nearly 20,000 followers, and her Instagram account has over 1.3 million followers.

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Quick Facts about Caitlin Rice

  • Born under the sign of Scorpio on the 6th of November 1991, in Dallas, Texas USA, Rice is an almost 28year old Caucasian fitness model, personal trainer, entrepreneur, and Instagram celebrity.
  • She is probably most famous around the world for her frequent exposure on social media and across several outlets, owing to the apparently much-coveted body shape that she boasts.
  • However, it is widely known that she married Braden Matejka in 2015.
  • She follows a strict workout plan every month of the year, all of which include vegetables, healthy fats, and lean protein.
  • A good majority of the most respectable sources indicate that Caitlin’s net worth is nearing $3 million.
  • She is 5ft 5ins (165cm) tall, weighs 106lbs (48kgs), and her vital statistics are 34-24-36.
  • Her shoe, dress, and bra size are unknown, but her body shape is generally described as voluptuous.
  • Being heavily involved in the modeling and fitness business, Caitlin would do well to nourish a healthy relationship with her audience on social media, in turn providing an exponential boost to her income.