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Cyan Boujee Was Arrested And Charged

Cyan Boujee Was Arrested And Charged

The controversial DJ is making news for all the wrong reasons once again. Cyan Boujee, also known as Honour Zuma Zacn, is a South African club DJ, content producer, model, company entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Boujee, one of South Africa’s most successful video creators, has a massive following on Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Her work and Career

She began her work as a makeup artist before becoming famous for posting makeup tutorials on social media.

Recent information about the well-known South African celebrity “Cyan Boujee” surfaced on social media,

and when people learned what had occurred, they began speaking in the comments section.

Even though Cyan Boujee is only 21 years old, the controversial DJ, influencer,

and digital content creator has already done things that most people in their 30s cannot.

Her previous troubled relationships, as well as supposedly violent altercations

with ex-boyfriends and promoters who have harmed her, are all on the list.

Cyan Boujee’s name is commonly associated with drama. This article contains information about her arrest charges as well as other details.

Cyan Boujee
Cyan modeling for photo source: Youtube

Boujee Has Been Arrested:

The Controversial DJ Is Charged With Stealing iPhone 13

Cyan Boujee is once again trending wrongly following her alleged arrest on June 17 for stealing an iPhone 13.

The notorious DJ and club hostess was reportedly held in Midrand after performing at a well-known club.

According to social media reports, the Pretoria-based television celebrity was detained on June 17 for allegedly stealing an iPhone 13.

Cyan Boujee was detained on suspicion of stealing an iPhone.

Many social media users have expressed mixed feelings about the news,

with some expressing relief that Cyan Boujee got what she deserved.

The incident was reported to police, but she has eluded them.

After playing at a popular Midrand club, the YouTuber was apprehended in the early hours of Friday, June 30.

Cyan Boujee allegedly avoided the police for several days.

Cyan Boujee
Cyan arrest news source: Twitter

Boujee was allegedly playing at Coffi Midrand when she was arrested.

She has been evading authorities for some time.

According to a source, she allegedly stole an iPhone 13 on June 17, prompting the opening of a case with the reference number 520/6/2023.

Honor Zuma, aka Cyan Boujee, was seized by police this morning at about 03:30

in Midrand after ending her set at a club, according to reports.

They had apparently been looking for her since she was accused of an iPhone theft and had only now caught her this morning.

This story is still developing because the cops have yet to provide a comment on the incident.

Boujee reportedly dodged police for days before being captured in Midrand.

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Cyan Boujee Scandals: The DJ’s Controversies Throughout His Career

Cyan Boujee has been involved in a number of issues over the years.

In 2021, the DJ was accused of attacking another Influencer, Tshegoteelux, an online alias for Tshigofatso Modisane.

Tshego used her Instagram stories to accuse Cyan Boujiee and her team of assaulting her.

Cyan Boujee’s boyfriend was detained on suspicion of beating her.

Similarly, Cyan Boujee has recently spoken freely about Bamzy Richies, a Nigerian afrobeat musician,

and Boujee’s troubled relationship, including the night she believes he raped her, in 2022.

Musa Khawula, the infamous entertainment expert, recently admitted on Twitter that Bamzy Richies viciously beat Cyan after she ended their relationship.

Cyan Boujee topped social media trends again in May 2023 after admitting

to having a crush on Amapiano star DJ Maphorisa.

Many people were irritated by the influencer’s statement in the video that she doesn’t mind the Abalele hitmaker’s alleged abusive behavior.

Many people on social media chastised Cyan for making light of Thuli Phongolo’s alleged abuse at the hands of DJ Maphorisa.