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Dena Schlosser: Tried To Amputate Her Daughter’s Arms

Dena Schlosser

Dena Schlosser: Who Is She?

Dena Schlosser, a Plano, Texas resident, made headlines in 2004 when she attempted to sever her eleven-month-old daughter Margaret’s arms with a knife. Margaret died as a result of this heinous act of brutality, sending shockwaves across the country.

The legal outcome of this case, on the other hand, was as shocking. Dena Schlosser was declared not guilty due to insanity and sentenced to outpatient care on November 6, 2008.

Childhood And Early Life

Dena Schlosser was diagnosed with hydrocephalus when she was eight years old.

Schlosser was frequently bullied as a child by her classmates, who made fun of her bald head.

Dena attended Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Dena and her husband, John Schlosser, were Marist College students.

Dena and John moved to Plano, Texas, after graduating.

Schlosser began working at Children’s World Learning Center after her relocation.

Dena was later barred from working by John. As a result, the couple shared three daughters.

Margaret Schlosser Was Born And Murdered

Dena Schlosser attempted suicide shortly after Margaret’s birth.

She was admitted to the hospital and placed in a psychiatric unit.

She was soon diagnosed with bipolar illness with psychotic characteristics.

Dena Schlosser was investigated by Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) the same year.

CPS forbade Dena from being alone with her children.

As a result, her sister-in-law relocated to Dena and John Schlosser’s home until the CPS order was withdrawn.

Schlosser believed Margaret was meant to marry Doyle Davidson, the Schlosser family’s pastor and a veterinarian.

Schlosser had apparently told her husband the day before the tragic attack that she planned to marry Margaret to Doyle Davidson.

According to a secret CPS report,

John spanked Dena with a wooden spoon in front of their three children in a fit of wrath.

Then, on November 22, 2004, she attacked tiny Margaret with a knife,

attempting to amputate her arms. Margaret was severely hurt, but her older girls were unharmed.

As a result of her injuries, Margaret died.

Employees at a nearby daycare center who had previously spoken with Dena Schlosser alerted the police.

Dena had informed the individual earlier that day that she wanted to amputate Margaret,

and the gospel song “He Touched Me” was playing in the background, according to the phone call.

When police arrived at Dena’s home, they found her sitting quietly, holding a knife, and covered in blood.

The Arrest and Trial of Dena Schlosser

Dena Schlosser
Dena being arrested source: The Guardian

Following her arrest, psychotherapist David Self stated in court that

Schlosser told him about a news report about a youngster who had been wounded by a lion.

Dena was profoundly upset by this news, thinking it to be a harbinger of the impending apocalypse.

Furthermore, she had admitted to Self that God had told her to cut off Margaret’s and her own arms.

According to Self, Dena’s attack on Margaret was a “religious frenzy.”

Dena experienced postpartum psychosis, according to the psychologist.

Dena, however, was spared prison time due to her insanity.

She was instead admitted to North Texas State Hospital.

Dena was ordered by the court to go to the hospital until she was no longer a danger to herself or others.

Andrea Yates, Dena’s roommate, had drowned her five children in a bathtub.

Furthermore, during the trial, it was revealed that Dena and John Schlosser

attended Water of Life Church, whose pastor was Doyle Davidson.

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Dena Schlosser: Where Is She Now?

Dena Schlosser was discovered naked on the streets of Richardson around 2 a.m. in April 2010.

As a result, she decided to recommit.

In response, Dena’s attorney, David Haynes, stated that the judge made the correct judgment.

Dena was later discharged as an outpatient.

There had been no news regarding Dena Schlosser until 2012 when WFAA-TV in

Dallas reported that she had been working at a Terrell-based Walmart using her maiden name, Leitner.

Dena was fired not long after the revelations were made.

Dena Schlosser received a court order to be committed to a state institution until December 2020.

On August 23, 2013, an episode of Deadly Women dubbed “Evil Guardians” featured a piece concerning her wrongdoings.

Dena had previously appeared in the 2005 documentary The God Who Wasn’t There.