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Does Dylan wear a wig in Casualty? Is Your Hair Real Or Fake?


In the BBC medical program Casualty, William Beck plays the fictional character Dylan Keogh. Dylan made his debut in “Only Human,” the series’ twenty-fifth episode, which aired on March 12, 2011. Beck took the role of Ruth Winters (Georgia Taylor), a colleague and emergency medicine physician.

Beck briefly attended medical school before becoming an actor, so he thought the job was a good fit for him.

Dylan works as an emergency medicine consultant in the emergency room at Holby City Hospital in the show.

The Welsh-born actor, on the other hand, is best known for his gorgeous appearance and lovable nature.

Rumors and speculation about the actor’s haircut circulate in tabloids and celebrity magazines.

Fans say that William wears a wig while portraying Dylan in Casualty.

William Beck has had a different hairstyle portraying Dylan Keogh in Casualty. (Image Source: The Sun)
William Beck has had a different hairstyle portraying Dylan Keogh in Casualty. (Image Source: The Sun)

People are skeptical that it is his own hair.

However, the actor has never spoken to the media or the public about his hair as Dylan.

As a result, we can assume that the actor does not wear a wig; his hair is natural.

However, he may have worn a wig several times while not acting like Dylan in order to maintain his privacy and take the public’s focus off of him.

Saying that no such incident has been reported in the media.

As a result, we might conclude that Beck is quite adept at concealing himself from others.

Dylan Keogh Wife: Is the fictional character in Casualty married?

Yes, the fictional character played by William Beck in the BBC show Casualty had a wife.

Dylan’s estranged wife, Sam Nicholls, was first introduced to the ED in late 2011.

Dylan’s estranged wife was played by Charlotte Salt.

Charlotte Salt is an English actress best known for her roles in American and British television shows such as The Musketeers, Bedlam, and Casualty.

Dylan Keogh and his wife, Sam Nicholls, are no more together in the BBC Drama. (Source: Daily Express)
Dylan Keogh and his wife, Sam Nicholls, are no more together in the BBC Drama. (Source: Daily Express)

Dylan and Sam had a troubled marriage, which worsened when Sam filed for divorce and began interfering with their ability to accomplish their jobs.

Dylan was hoping they’d get back together till he found out Sam was seeing Oliver Coleman’s Tom Kent.

After experiencing issues with Sam, whom he still loves, the character left the show in late 2012. Beck returned to the role two years later in 2014, excited to play Dylan once more.

Dylan temporarily accepts the post of acting clinical lead and seeks to increase standards in the ED, but the obligations of the position prove tough for him.

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Dylan Keogh’s Private Life And Family

Dylan grew up in a tumultuous family.

Because his mother worked as a multi-drop driver and was constantly away from home, she was usually only available when Dylan needed her.

Dylan and his mother had a close mother-son bond.

Bullies harassed Dylan throughout elementary school, but his high school was a little more relaxed and quiet.

The fictitious character faced difficulties at home after discovering that his father was an alcoholic who would rather spend his money in the neighborhood bar than on his son.

He returned home one day after school to find his father having sexual relations with a lady other than his mother on the couch in the living room while his mother was out shopping.

Dylan’s father instructed him to be quiet around anyone.

Dylan got estranged from his mother after learning from his father that he was not permitted to speak to anybody about what he had witnessed. Dylan saw it as a betrayal.

Brian, the imaginary character’s father, chose to submit his child for adoption shortly after informing Dylan that he didn’t belong in the family and that he was a freak and an outcast.

Dylan retreated from everyone he could to avoid them, and his academic performance began to decline, attracting the notice of his head teacher.

Dylan was eventually placed in foster care.

The fictional character from Casualty, on the other hand, despised the medical care system.

Dylan hasn’t spoken to his mother since he was placed in foster care at the age of ten.

And, even though he knew he couldn’t, he longed to see his mother.