Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary

Bodybuilder Competitive Eater Youtuber

Furious Pete

Furious Pete

Who is Furious Pete?

Peter Czerwinski, well known for his stage moniker Furious Pete, is a Canadian competitive eater and YouTube celebrity. Furious Pete presently owns fourteen Guinness World Records in eating. He is well-known for his YouTube channel as well as being a competitive eater and bodybuilder.

Pete adores engaging in all extreme activities, owing to his addiction to adrenaline and the sensation of being alive. He also enjoys cosplay and almost always dresses up as food.

Furious Pete – Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Peter Czerwinski (born Piotr Czerwinski), better known online as Furious Pete, was born on 30 November 1985 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Pete’s childhood was not easy, as he battled anorexia and both of his parents had health concerns.

He hasn’t talked much about them since he doesn’t want to entangle them in the public.

He hasn’t reported having any siblings, either, thus he’s regarded as an only child.

Pete was taken to The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto when his condition worsened, and physicians prescribed bodybuilding as a means to rehabilitate.

He enrolled in high school and was well-liked because of his already well-built physique since he had been attending the gym for two years.

It is unknown whether he dated anyone during those years, although reports suggest that he has had multiple relationships over the years.

Pete decided not to attend college after graduating from high school and instead focused entirely on his bodybuilding profession.

Net Worth of Furious Pete? Salary, Earning

According to reliable sources, Peter Czerwinski’s current net worth exceeds $700,000.

It is continuously increasing, owing primarily to his YouTube channel.

Facts of Furious Pete

Full Name Peter Czerwinski
Celebrated Name Furious Pete
Gender Male
Profession Competitive eater, and YouTuber
Citizenship Canadian, Polish
Birthplace Toronto, Canada
Date of Birth 30-Nov-85
Age 37 years old
Heights 1.88 m
Heights in Feet 6 feet and 2 inches
Height(s) cm 188 cm
Weight(s) 114 kg
Weight in Pound 251 pounds
Dates with Yes (Melissa Cvjeticanin)
Marital Status Single
Net Worths $7 Million

Relationship, Married life, Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Peter Czerwinski is quite private about his love life, and he hasn’t shared much about his past and present relationships with the public.

But he does occasionally give his followers an insight into his current relationship status.

According to an Instagram photo he posted in early 2019, he appears to be dating an unknown lady.

According to his description, they’ve been together for nearly ten years but haven’t exchanged wedding vows.

They don’t appear to have any children, but they do have a dog named Furious.

Pete hasn’t spoken about any other ladies he may have dated prior to his present partner.

But rumor has it that the popular YouTuber dated a female he met at the gym when he was approximately 20 years old.

They dated for two years before splitting up, just before he met the mysterious lady he is currently dating.

Pete had previously beaten testicular cancer twice, but the third time was in 2017.

And he stated in January 2019 that it had returned and that he needed to remove his second testicle.

This means he would now have to undergo testosterone replacement therapy for the rest of his life.

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Color

Peter Czerwinski stands at 1.88 meters tall. He is currently 114 kg.

His hair is short and he has brown eyes, but his height and weight are unknown.

Furious Pete – Professional Career

Czerwinski’s digestion rate is slower than that of the ordinary individual, owing to his career as a bodybuilder and YouTuber.

He eats nine times a day, and when he discovered he had a digestion rate problem, he recognized it may help him break eating records.

He continued after breaking his first eating record and began uploading his eating films to his YouTube page.

He has already beaten 14 Guinness World Records in competitive eating.

This includes eating seven bananas in under two minutes, 15 hamburgers in under ten minutes, 0.75l of olive oil in under a minute, and 17 Jaffa Cakes in under a minute.

Peter chose to compete in “Canada’s Got Talent” after breaking all of these records.

For his act, he ate five hard-boiled eggs, three Canadian bacons, two bananas, and drank a bottle of milk all in 51 seconds, but this wasn’t enough to send him through to the next round.

Furious Pete during eating. Source: Toronto Star

Peter is the subject of the documentary film “The Story of Furious Pete,” which premiered at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

The meal “The Furious Pete” is named after him and consists of 20 pieces of bacon, 20 pieces of cheese, and five pounds of fries.

He was the first person to eat all of that out of over 1,500 attempts.

Pete began his YouTube channel on August 10, 2006, and it now has over 5.1 million subscribers, as well as approximately one billion views of all his videos combined.

On the channel, he usually uploads eating challenges, speed eating, and other eating-related films (overeating).

Pete is well-known for his clothing line, which he created solely to mock the PETA animal activist organization.

The vegan community turned against Pete after he began mocking the organization.

But he responded to questions about it in his ‘Q&A’ videos, stating that humans cannot live healthily without eating meat.

Furious Pete – Social Media Status

Peter is quite active on various big social media platforms, as this is critical to the internet career he has developed for himself.

He started his Twitter account in May 2010 and has about 140,000 followers.

He has tweeted nearly 6,500 times. His Instagram account is currently followed by over 500,000 people, and he has published roughly 3,800 photos on it.

He also has a Facebook page with over 680,000 fans.

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Quick Facts of Furious Pete

  • Peter Czerwinski (born Piotr Czerwinski) was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 30 November 1985.
  • He is popular for his YouTube channel as well as for being a competitive eater and a bodybuilder.
  • Furious has now broken 14 Guinness World Records in competitive eating. 
  • He is the star of “The Story of Furious Pete” documentary film, which follows his life and was first shown at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.
  • Furious launched his YouTube channel on 10 August 2006, and there are currently more than 5.1 million people subscribed to it
  • He currently seems to be dating a mysterious lady, according to his caption, they have been together for nearly 10 years now, but haven’t exchanged their wedding vows.
  • Furious hasn’t talked about any other women he might have dated before his current girlfriend.
  • However, rumor has it that the popular YouTuber was dating a girl he met at the gym when he was around 20 years old.
  • The two were dating for two years before deciding to split, which was just before he met the mysterious lady he is currently dating.