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Net Worth and Salary


Gabe Salazar

Gabe Salazar

Gabe Salazar- Biography

Gabe Salazar was the teenage influencer who died in a car accident on Sunday, i.e 26th September 2021 in San Antonia, Texas.

Gabe Salazar’s Net Worth & Salary

Because he was an influencer with over a million followers, he had to live a lavish lifestyle.

Although no exact figures are available, we can estimate his fortune for the time being.

He was popularly known as @gabenotbabe, and he had over a million followers on Instagram. Following the news, another Instagrammer, Ricky Flores, posted a tribute to Gabriel Salazer that read: “Rest easy brother….words can’t explain how I feel right now.”

Gabe Salazar’s Birth & Education

Gabe was born on January 12, 2002, in Brownsville, Texas, though he has recently resided in San Antonio.

Despite being a social media star, there is no information about his early life available, but he does have a younger brother and a sister.

Furthermore, no credible sources stating his educational background are currently available.

Gabe Salazar’s Professional Career

In early 2020, he began his TikTok journey by creating an account under the username gabenotbabe. He didn’t waste any time after creating the account and began posting unique and entertaining content such as lip sync and short skits.

Within a short period of time, his videos began to gain attention, and later, his videos went viral, allowing him to build a large fan following and fame.

At the time of writing, he had approximately 1.3 million Tiktok followers and 70 million likes across all of his videos.

Gabe Salazar’s Personal Life

Gabe was a caring individual, but he didn’t have a girlfriend or any reports of a previous relationship. His love for cars was unavoidable, as evidenced by the abundance of photos of cars on his social media.

Campaign on GoFundMe

His post included a photo of two friends posing for the camera, as well as a link to the “GoFundMe” page.

The goal of this fundraising link was to assist the family in preparing for the funeral.

Chris Vazquez was in charge of organizing it. Chris Vazquez, on the other hand, stated that he has no idea what is real and what is not.

He couldn’t believe he’d lost the most iconic Tik Tok star in a car accident on September 26th, 2021.

He stated that he didn’t want to go into specifics because it was difficult for him to express his grief over losing him.

Friends’ and Social Media’s Tributes

He never imagined this would happen to us, and you are the one who is keeping an eye on us! Gabriel Salazer was a caring individual who enjoyed horseback riding with his sister and younger brother.

He was always present when big moments were being shared with his family, making everyone smile with the thought that he was there to warm the moments.

He was a very funny man with a great sense of humour who used to say things sarcastically. Vazquez continued his writing, saying that he couldn’t believe he was sitting there writing this.

He stated that words could not express the agony of losing the star. His family will undoubtedly miss him, and our entire community is currently grieving the loss of Gabriel.

He went on to say that they were asking for help from their family. There would come a time when the family’s work and funeral expenses would be too much to bear. He asked people to donate as much as they could in order to alleviate at least some of the grief felt by the person who died and the parents.

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Quick Facts of Gabe Salazar

  • Gabriel Salazer (Gabe Salazar) most commonly known as “Gabenotbabe” was the teenage influencer who died in a car accident on Sunday, i.e 26th September 2021 in San Antonia, Texas.
  • While this was written, he had gained about 1.3 million followers on the Tiktok and 70 million likes from all his videos.
  • The goal of this fundraising link was to help the family while arranging the things for the funeral.
  • It was organized by Chris Vazquez.
  • He could not believe that he has lost the most iconic Tik Tok star in a car accident on 26th September 2021.