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Henry Moody Obituary And Death Cause:

Henry Moody

People are horrified after learning that a kid from Summerville perished in a swimming pool, prompting them to look for Henry Moody’s obituary. Henry Moody was a small toddler who sadly died in a swimming pool drowning event in Summerville, South Carolina.

He was a treasured son, brother, and part of the Loper-Moody family.

Henry had a happy spirit at the age of two that brought enormous joy to everyone who knew him.

His bright eyes and contagious laughter could brighten every room, making a lasting impression on the hearts of his loved ones.

but the entire Summerville neighborhood where he grew up.

Henry Moody
Henry with his father and brother source: Twitter

Obituary For Henry Moody And Cause Of Death

Henry Moody, a two-year-old Summerville boy, died two days ago, on June 18, 2023.

He died as a result of drowning in a swimming pool.

The heartbreaking news of his death has left the community in mourning and searching for information on his obituary.

Delta Force’s family revealed the heartbreaking news and provided a link to a GoFundMe page where we can support Henry’s family.

Every thoughtful contribution will help the family navigate this difficult journey while mourning the loss of their darling Henry.

Henry Moody, a two-year-old toddler, drowned in a swimming pool

Henry Moody
Place where Henry drowned source: Youtube

The Delta Force Family has also stated that in the coming weeks and months, they will provide an update on how they can jointly provide assistance and comfort.

“Let us come together as a close-knit community to support the Loper-Moody family during this difficult time.”

People are reaching out to give prayers and support to the Moody family at this difficult time.

Our thoughts and prayers are also with the Moody family as they face this difficult time in their lives.

May precious baby Henry’s memory live on forever, and may his gentle soul find eternal rest.

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The Toddler’s Death Bereaves the Family

Henry Moody
Henry’s death news source: Youtube

The Moody family is currently in grief and requires financial aid to cover funeral costs and provide for their other three children.

Stephanie Jordan, an organizer from Summerville, SC, started a GoFundMe campaign two days earlier.

According to the campaign, the adorable infant Henry died sadly on June 18th, 2023.

It encourages people to donate whatever they can to help the Moody family and has already raised $14,316 USD, exceeding its initial goal of $10,000.

People have already made over 200 gifts to assist the Moody family at this tough time

A total of 210 contributions have been given to assist the Moody family at this difficult time.

It also asks that people keep the family in their prayers and offer support in any manner they can.

The family has three more children in addition to Henry. The donations raised will assist the family in providing care for these children during this difficult time.

It will also help to fund the costs of Henry’s funeral. Many others have also showed their love and support through donations.

Marty Sullivan, for example, donated $100 and sent his thoughts and sympathy to the family.

Similarly, Katrina Caldwell sent a $50 donation and expressed sympathy and prayers to the family during this trying time.