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Huy Tran: Who Is He? Meet Veronica Ngo’s Husband: Family And Age Difference Information

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Huy Tran: Who Is He? Meet Veronica Ngo’s Husband: Family And Age Difference Information

Huy Tran is a well-known businessman and the husband of Vietnamese actress Ngo Thanh Van, better known as Veronica Ngo. When did they get married? Veronica Ngo is a popular model, singer, and actress. Veronica is another name for her, as are her initials NTV. Her career took off in 2002 when she shifted into the music industry as a pop-dance vocalist. In her early career, she released Vuon tnh nhan (Lovers’ Garden), a duet album with renowned performer Tuan Hng.

On February 26, she re-released her first solo album, The gioi tro choi (Playworld), following her successful debut in the music industry.

Similarly, she began her acting career in 2004, with Rouge, her first worldwide appearance.

Rouge was also directed by MTV Asia and MediaCorp Singapore and was widely distributed in Asia and Australia.

Huy Tran, Veronica Ngo’s Husband, is who he is.

Celebrities struggle to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight, and media outlets are always eager to dive into the minutiae of their favorite idol.

Similarly, Veronica Ngo’s friends and family are curious about her wedding plans.

As a result, various inquiries have been made about her marriage and married life.

For everyone’s sake, Veronica is happily married to her long-term partner, Huy Tran.

So, on May 7, 2022, the lovely couple married in Da Nang.

Veronica Ngo is with her husband. Source: Genius Celebs

During the wedding, their friends and family were there.

Similarly, the couple announced their engagement in March 2022.

The couple has been together for many years, and many people appreciate their relationship and comment on their beautiful comments on her social media posts.

Huy is a businessman who frequently appears in Veronica’s Instagram photos, where the couple spends their vacations traveling and exploring new places.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about Huy, despite the fact that he has a substantial internet fan base.

We can follow him on Twitter, where he has over 120k followers, at @huy.trn.

Veronica Ngo’s Relationship History

Veronica Ngo’s previous relationships were widely publicized on the internet.

According to her Wikipedia biography, she dated her co-star, Johnny Tr Nguyen.

Ngo is also said to have harmed Tri’s marriage to Cathy Viet Thi, a Van Son singer.

The former couple divorced in 2015.

Veronica Ngo is posing for the photo. Source: MarriedCeleb

So, after being alienated from Viet for many years, she met the love of her life, Huy Tran.

She has also stated that after years of living alone and battling with numerous challenges, she eventually encountered him, and the two began their romance and married passionately.

As a result, the model’s name has been linked to two men, and she has had a successful married life throughout her acting career.

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Age Distinction Between Huy Tran and Veronica Ngo

Huy Tran and Veronica Ngo are a well-known couple.

As a result, people are concerned about their age disparity. Huy and Veronica are 11 years apart in age.

They have not, however, published any material on the internet.

According to sources, Huy is 11 years younger than Veronica.

Veronica, who was born on February 26, 1979, is 44 years old this year.

On the other hand, we don’t know much about Huy’s age or where he was born.

Although the couple appears to be in love, their age gap appears to be less than ten years.