Joana Ceddia

Joana Ceddia is the popular Youtuber from last year. She has opened her youtube channel from 2019. She has become famous through the recommendation of two videos by youtube.

She has more than 2.4 million subscribers due to her simplicity and humor videos. She has won many medals from swimming as she is a former competitive swimmer.

Net worth and Salary

She has become a popular Youtuber from last year. So, her earning is very high which is around $2.7 k-$43K per month.  Joana has become famous due to her simplicity and humor videos. Joana has got more than 6 million views on her video“I cut my hair with craft scissor”. She has an estimated net worth of around $32.2K-$515.5 K.

Early life

She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 21 July 2001. Her father’s name is Roland Ceddia and her mother’s name is Denilce Campos. She is the only child in her family She was born in Brazil but later she moved to Canada. So, she is Canadian now.

She has completed her 18 years old on June 21, 2020. Joana has already completed her high school at York Mill Collegiate Institute. She has planned to study physics and astronomy but she hasn’t said which university she is going to study. Maybe she wants to hide about the university which she will study.

Journey on Youtube?

Joana Ceddia has become the popular you-tuber who was from a middle-class family.

Joana Ceddia
Caption: Joana Ceddia (Source: naibuzz)

As she is very good at athletics, she has won many medals in swimming. When she had an injury while doing athletics, she thought of making a you-tube video due to boredom. Her first you-tube was published named as,” Me being frustrated with my paint: my first you-tube video”. Her first video didn’t get many views. She published many other videos. After the publishment of her haircut video and Emma Chamberlin’s clothing line video, you-tube recommended these two videos. Through the recommendation of Joana Ceddia’s two videos, her viewers and subscribers started to grow up. So, she started to publish more videos. She had no idea why those two videos were recommended by you-tube. She thought that it had become famous due to Emma Chamberlin(famous you tuber).

When she was going to high school, she had 500 subscribers at the last September. And by the first week, she got 100,000 subscribers. So, she started to make more videos in October and got 1 million subscribers. Gradually her subscribers increased up to 2 million on 18 March 2019. By now, she has reached more than 3 million subscribers.

Career as swimmer

Before she entered the you-tube world, she is a competitive swimmer. She has won many medals from swimming. But when she got an ankle injury, she started to do arts and painting and make videos on you-tube. We can say that she is a former swimmer. She has no time for her athletic now due to her you-tube channel.



Joana Ceddia thanked and apologized to her first subscriber. After that, her first subscriber unsubscribed her.

The nickname of Joana’s mother

Joana Ceddia’s mother’s real name is Denilce Campos. Joana’s fans call ” Mother goose” to her mother. Her mother said that she loves the nickname.

Is Joana Ceddia criticized?

Yes, of course. Each person has haters and followers. Joana makes her video like a simple teenager and she adds some humor in her video. She has made a video of shaving her hair. So, the people have criticized that she is more like a clown and she shouldn’t be popular like other you-tubers. When she read all the hateful comments, she was very shocked. She said that “You have to be careful what you are putting out there because people can twist it“. However, she has reached up to 2.4 million subscribers which are a great success.

Is Joana single or in a relationship?

Joana is single. She said that if she will get into a relationship, she would feel uneasy putting it online as she has seen many you-tubers getting criticized due to their relationship. She said that the fans criticized the choices when they get into a relationship.

Body Measurements

Joana Ceddia has a good height of 5 Feet 6 inches and her body weight is 55 kg. She has brown hair color and her eye color is light brown.  She wears a spectacle which ha a round oval shape glass. There is no information about her shoe size and dress size.

Social Media

Joana used to have social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. But she has deleted her all social media accounts. There is no information on why she has deleted her social media accounts. Maybe she wanted to have some privacy in her personal life.

Name Joana Ceddia
Birthplace Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Birthdate June 21, 2001
Full name Joana Campos Ceddia    
Height 5.6 ft
Weight 55 Kg
Age 19 years
Net worth $32.2K-$515.5K
Mother’s name Denilce Campos
Father’s name Rolando Ceddia
Martial status Single