Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary

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Jordan Deguen

Jordan Deguen’s Net Worth is $220,000.

Jordan Deguen

Who is Jordan Deguen?

Jordan Deguen is an up-and-coming entrepreneur who is well-known for dating Alessandra Sublet, a 43-year-old French television personality. Jordan Deguen posted a picture of both of them with the caption “We call it love,” they have both become prominent in the news media, Since the 12th of August 2020.

Jordan Deguen- Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Jordan Deguen’s partner, Alessandra Sublet is a radio and television personality who was born in France on 5 October 1976 and raised in Lyon.

Net Worth of Jordan Deguen? Salary, Earning

Jordan Deguen’s net worth is $220,000.

Relationship, Married life, Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Jordan Deguen is dating the well-known radio and television host Alessandra Sublet.

They met for the first time in 2019 when Alessandra was assigned to interview Michel Desbouvries, a great artist and painter, for Forbes Magazine.

This 30-year-old man was involved in the discovery of the artist’s paintings and work.

Deguen can be viewed as a person who appreciates all forms of art, and he may have recognized this trait in his current date and fallen in love with her.

As a result, many people in the state are discussing the age difference between these two individuals, with some even referring to Sublet as a cougar or a MILF.

Alessandra Sublet, however, is unconcerned by her social media presence because she believes she is doing the right thing by following her heart, as love knows no boundaries or age restrictions.

Prior to this relationship, she was married to her TV and film producer ex-husband Clement Miserez in 2008.

Prior to her separation in 2009, she already had two children, a girl named Charlie and a boy named Alphonse, from her previous marriage.

In 2019, she launched a brand named “Jordaless” in accordance with the nomenclature trend, which means Jordan and Alessandra.

When asked about the name at a Gala, she explained that it signified the beginning of a long-lasting friendship. Perhaps she was attempting to conceal her relationship with Jordan.

Jordan Deguen
Jordan with his girlfriend. Source: Femme Actuelle

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Color

Jordan Deguen’s height is 5′ 11″ In Feet & Inches.

In Centimeters, the length is 180 cm, and in Meters is 1.8 m.

The weight In Kilograms is 75 Kg. (In pounds, 165 pounds)

The color of the eyes is dark brown and the Hair color is Blonde.

Jordan Deguen- Professional Career

Deguen began her television career in 2003 as a columnist for TF1 while serving Match TV.

In addition, she simultaneously worked for two programs in the same year.

The following year, she joined a second column titled “La MatiNale” where she worked until 2006, completing her two-year cycle of employment with Canal+.

In 2006, for the first time in her life, she hosted “La France an un incroyable talent.”

After that, during her first pregnancy, she hosted the French version of “Farmers Wants a Wife” titled “L’amour est dans le pré.”

However, Alessandra stopped hosting the shows when she went on maternity leave and later decided to stop hosting altogether.

In 2014, she resumed her hosting career by presenting “Un soir à la Tour Eiffel” on France 2 as part of her comeback.

She landed at TF1 in September 2016, where she was asked to host entertainment programs.

She also hosted “Stars at Home,” which was formerly hosted by Flavie Flament.

In 2018, she hosted C’est Canteloup alongside Nicolas Cantaloupe, which was her most recent program.

In 2018, Jordan was the President and Founder of the publicly traded company named “Feelart”.

The company is a retail enterprise that provides customers with the finest products and services and has an annual revenue of $222,000.

This gentleman tried his luck in the audiovisual business he named “Coriprod” in the year 2019 prior to establishing this company.

Social Media

Deguen’s Instagram account is not found.

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Quick Facts of Jordan Deguen

  • Jordan is an emerging businessman who is well known for being the love interest of Alessandra Sublet, a 43 years old French television personality.
  • Alessandra Sublet is not bothered as she is showing over social media because she thinks that she knows she is doing perfectly the right thing by following her heart, as love knows no boundaries and no age bars.
  • They both are dating each other but the records of them being spotted for the very first time count back to a football match in the year 2019.
  • Alessandra has been questioned by the age gap of 16 years between the two individuals he posts a comment which reads “Let’s be happy no matter what we say”.
  • Deguen seems to be very supportive and caring as a bit sarcastic when he commented that it looks like the picture belongs to the time when he was young without showing his angry side he has so calmly shut the mouth of the people who are questioning.
  • Alessandra has shared a story on her feed where she was seen sitting at the back of the bike while Jordan was seen shirtless while they both were having their tongues out and it cautioned with a smile and an emoticon of the same.
  • Jordan is not only an entrepreneur he is even a great art lover is it said and almost confirmed that he runs an art gallery in Paris.