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Ken Lee’s Death and Obituary:

Ken Lee

Ken Lee’s death and obituary have been trending all over the internet after he was murdered by two adolescent girls. Canadian Police have identified the homeless man who was fatally stabbed and battered last month in a “swarming” attack reportedly carried out by a group of eight adolescent females.

Police believe the youngsters gathered from houses around the Greater Toronto Area after interacting on social media.

According to authorities, the girls may have been attempting to steal a bottle of alcohol from the man.

Ken Lee was murdered by eight teenage girls.

Toronto Police named the dead as Ken Lee, 59, and said he was slain while attempting to stop the teens from taking a liquor bottle from a friend.

A fatal attack occurred at a plaza near Toronto’s central train station and a homeless shelter on December 18, shortly after midnight.

According to police, Lee, a recent arrival from Hong Kong who was residing in Toronto’s

shelter system, was attacked by a group of girls before being stabbed.

According to an unidentified Police source, the girls attacked Lee like a pack of rabid beasts.

According to the report, despite his efforts to repel them, they kept returning.

Lee was brought to a nearby hospital, where he died from his injuries when bystanders called for assistance.

Ken Lee
Ken with his victims source: Youtube

Ken Lee Obituary Information Investigated

Helen Shum, who claims to be Lee’s relative, has established a GoFundMe campaign on behalf of the family.

She says in the Campaign’s description that Lee’s death has severely devastated his mother’s heart.

Shum described the victim as a cherished son, brother, and uncle, who would have turned 60 last week.

Ken Lee’s family is gathering money to pay for his funeral and legal expenses.

He was homeless before this attack.

Ken, she said, was a nice man who would help anyone, whether they were close friends or merely acquaintances.

Shum alleges Lee left home last fall, intending to turn his life around after a string of misfortunes.

The relative stated, “They made sure he knew they were always there for him and were eagerly awaiting his return.”

His family supported and appreciated his determination to solve his difficulties on his own.

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Arrest and Charges Against Ken Lee

Ken Lee
Ken after gruesome crime source: Twitter

Three 13-year-olds, three 14-year-olds, and two 16-year-olds have been charged with second-degree murder in connection with Lee’s death.

His gruesome crime is known worldwide.

The youths accused of attacking Lee are from all over the greater Toronto area,

according to police, and they met at Union Station after becoming friends online.

They said that three of them had past run-ins with the law, compared to five others.

Last month, Toronto Police Detective Sgt. Terry Browne described the “swarming” attack involving minor girls as “shocking.”
Each female was part in the swarming murder, which police sergeant Terry Browne described last month as horrific and frightening.

Canadian authorities are lawfully prevented from identifying them due to their age.

While the rest are awaiting hearings, one was given bail and allowed to return to school last month.

According to a Toronto Police officer who claimed to have been in law enforcement for nearly 35 years,

anyone who isn’t stunned after hearing anything like this has given up.