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Net Worth and Salary


Kim Ung-Yong

Kim Ung-Yong’s net worth is about $8 million.

Kim Ung-Yong

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Even before he took his first steps as a child, this former child prodigy had the world at his feet. There’s no telling if being born to academics had anything to do with it, but Kim Ung-Yong accomplished incredible things in the academic world from the time he was a year old.

Kim allegedly began talking when he was four months old, and by the time he celebrated his first birthday, he had mastered the Korean alphabet as well as 1,000 Chinese characters, which he accomplished solely by reading a 6th-century Chinese poem titled Thousand Character Classic.

What is the net worth of Kim Ung-Yong?

Kim Ung-Yong’s net worth is about $8 million.

Kim Ung-Yong
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Kim Ung-Yong: Birth, Education, Career

On March 8, 1962, a genius was born in the South Korean city of Seoul. When his peers were still learning how to talk at one year old, young Kim was already reciting the Korean alphabet and knew all 1,000 Chinese characters.

He began solving calculus problems at the age of three and went on to publish a best-seller containing a collection of his essays in English and German, as well as his calligraphy and illustrations.

Kim Ung-Yong, at the age of five, was fluent in five languages: Korean, English, French, German, and Japanese.

Grant High School in Los Angeles was drawn to an article about the extraordinary five-year-old. The school invited him over, and at such a young age, he enrolled there as well as auditing a physics class at Hanyang University.

At this point, he received more media attention and made television appearances, where he astounded audiences with his mind-boggling intelligence.

Kim solved complicated differential equations and integral calculus problems on Fuji Television in Japan, demonstrating his exceptional talent to the rest of the world.

At the age of eight, Kim Ung-Yong was a college student at the University of Colorado, where he studied Nuclear Physics and eventually earned a master’s degree.

His services were also secured by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration at this age (NASA). He worked for a federal government agency in the United States for ten years before realizing it wasn’t the best life for him.

Kim described his days working with NASA as “like a machine that has been programmed to do the same things over and over.” He followed a routine that included sleeping, solving equations, and eating. As a result, he made few friends and his life became monotonous.

Kim Ung-Yong eventually resigned from the coveted NASA position and returned to his home country of South Korea, where he had to complete the formal education system, the majority of which he skipped due to his fast-tracked studies abroad.

Despite this, he was able to complete his elementary, middle, and high school diplomas in less than two years.

What Has Happened to Kim Ung-Yong?

After studying Civil Engineering at Chungbuk National University and earning a Ph.D., the Korean genius became adjunct faculty at Chungbuk National University in 2007.

Kim Ung-Yong was promoted to associate professor at Shinhan University a few years later (in 2014). In addition, he was appointed vice president of the North Kyeong-gi Development Research Center.

Speaking about the high expectations that have always followed him since childhood, Kim stated that having a high IQ does not guarantee success, or at least not the kind of success that people expect from him.

He once held the Guinness World Record for having the highest IQ in the world, with a score of 210.

Kim Ung-Yong: Parents, & Siblings

Kim Soo-Sun (father), a physics professor, and Yoo Myeong-Hyeon (mother), a medical professor, gave birth to the genius.

Kim appears to have been raised as an only child by his parents, or if he was raised with siblings, his star was too bright to allow any attention to be paid to any other member of his family.

In addition, there is no mention of a wife in the Korean professor’s life, but he has two sons – Kim Soon-ho and Kim Soon-hoo – whose mother is unknown to the public.

Kim’s strict upbringing had an impact on his social life, making it difficult to trace any past or present romantic relationships.