Kristin Luckey

Who is Kristin Luckey?

Kristin Luckey gained popularity after being linked to singer-songwriter and actor Billy Ray Cyrus. However, Kristin Luckey is now well-known as Billy’s ex-girlfriend. Additionally, they had a child together.

Kristin Luckey: Birth, Parents, Siblings, Education

Kristin Luckey, 59, was born in the United States in 1962 to American parents.

However, she has made no mention of her parents, siblings, or early life.

Kristin is of mixed ethnic origins, having been born in the United States.

This ex-girlfriend of a celebrity is a well-educated woman. Kristin has light reddish-brown hair and hazel eyes.

What is the net worth of Kristin Luckey?

As previously stated, she rose to prominence as a result of her relationship with Billy Ray Cyrus.

Additionally, she is the mother of Billy, her ex-boyfriend’s son.

As a result, she may lead a simple and comfortable life. However, she has not disclosed her net worth or earnings.

However, according to Celebrity Net Worth and The Richest, her ex-lover Billy Ray Cyrus has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

He has amassed this substantial sum of money over the course of his decades-long career.

Additionally, he is active in his career and earns money.

However, Miley Cyrus, his daughter, is estimated to have a net worth of $160 million.

According to the New York Post, she earned $15,000 per episode of the popular series “Hannah Montana” and even more money while touring as the character.

Kristin Luckey
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Kristin Luckey: Relationship Status

Kristin Luckey previously dated Billy Ray Cyrus. Neither Luckey nor Bill discussed their relationship in great detail.

They began dating in 1991, according to reports. They had a blissful relationship for a time.

Additionally, they welcomed a son, Christopher Cody Cyrus, on April 8, 1992.

Billy’s daughter Destiny Hope was born in December 1992 to Leticia ‘Tish’ Finley after an eight-month gestation. They were dating at the time.

Then Luckey recalls, that despite the fact that they were parents to a son, they never married.

Finally, Lucky and Cyrus reached an amicable agreement not to pursue a romantic relationship with one another.

Then she moved to South Carolina to raise Christopher Cody, while Cyrus lived outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

They ended their relationship in 1992.

Kristin Luckey: Relationship Status

Kristin Luckey is a happily married woman at the moment.

She was in a relationship with her boyfriend Mark following her breakup with Billy.

Then, in a private ceremony, they married Mark Sorine. Additionally, they became parents to a daughter named Ali.

Since their marriage, the couple has cohabited happily.

She currently resides in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, with her family. Additionally, she maintains a low profile.

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Kristin Luckey Ex-Boyfriend’s Career

  • After doing research we can’t find info on her professional career. So here is the career information of her ex-boyfriend Billy Ray Cyrus who is a singer-songwriter and actor.
  • In the beginning phase of his career, he had to go through struggles and rejections before making it to the top.
  • At the age of 20, he started learning the guitar, pursue a career in music, and became a college dropout.
  • Billy’s debut album followed, which propelled him to stardom.
  • His album’s success also led to sky-high expectations from his subsequent albums, which he couldn’t live up to.
  • Then he turned his attention to acting, and was cast in a TV show titled ‘Doc.’ Billy has been alternating between making music and acting after making his acting debut.
  • He has retained his humility and morals and continues to be an inspiration to several aspiring musicians.