Laura Salvo

Who is Laura Salvo?

Miguel Social, the driver in the car rallies, with Laura Salvo as his co-driver.Laura Salvo came from Spanish ancestry. In October 2020, this automobile rally prodigy will move into her last residence. She has frequently raced with Miguel in rallies, and she recently won the Suzuki Swift Cup at Del Bierzo.

Laura is being debated for this reason throughout all of the city’s media outlets and news headlines. the cause of the fatal car accident, which went off-road and hit a pine tree.

The medical team got to the scene of the accident within two minutes, but they were unable to save her since she passed away on the side of the road at the same time.

It turned out that the thing she loved the most in life was also the thing that ended her life, which no one ever imagined would happen.

Laura Salvo- Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

On November 7, 1999, in Valencia, Spain, a Spanish family welcomed a rally enthusiast into the world.

Her daily desire to compete in rallies as an adult came from the fact that her father, Gabriel Salvo, was also a rally driver.

Her mother was a housewife who spent her entire life working to ensure the happiness of her husband and children.

She grew up with her sister Maria Salvo, who was also an avid rally driver, and she was also familiar with a renowned rally co-driver.

When Laura Salvo was only fifteen years old, she started participating in the rallies as a co-driver after attending a local school in her hometown.

She earned her degree with honors from a reputable university where she completed her graduation.

Net Worth of Laura Salvo? Salary, Earning

Laura Salvo’s net worth is estimated to be US$ 1- 3 million.

Laura Salvo- Relationship, Married Life, Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Information about Laura Salvo’s relationship status is unavailable.

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Colour

This teenage co-driver was tall at five feet five inches (165 centimeters tall).

Undoubtedly one of her most striking facial traits was a pair of hazel eyes.

She even had silky, glossy brunette hair that reached just below her shoulders.

Laura Salvo had an hourglass body with measurements of 34-28-34 and weighed approximately 55 kg or 121 lbs.

Her body was the one that had to endure all the swirls, turns, and shifts that a car needs to endure in the rally races, therefore she adhered to an extremely rigorous diet.

This was one of the reasons she had a strict diet to stick to and enjoyed her cheat meals on the weekends.

She consistently showed up to her workouts.

Professional Career

This young woman worked incredibly hard to establish her job as a rally co-driver.

She may have some amicable photos with her male friends, but we are unable to determine whether she was dating anyone or not.

Even if we believe that she was dating someone, given her youth and the fact that she was just starting her career, she must have kept it a very private and confidential issue.

Laura Salvo
Laura Salvo with her colleague. Source: COPE

Her favorite pastimes included singing and playing the guitar, which she must have learned from her mother or another family member early in life.

Social Media Status

She is not available on social media.

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Quick Facts of Laura Salvo

  • Laura was the co-driver to Miguel Social who was the driver in the car rallies.
  • This car rally prodigy has been switched to her final abode in October of the year 2020.
  • She has been a partner to Miguel in many of the rallies and she has a marvelous win in the Suzuki Swift Cup which was held at Del Bierzo.
  • The cause of the death in a car crash that became off-road and smashed into a Pine tree.
  • Salvo had attended a local school in her native place and after that, she began going into the rallies as a co-driver when she was only fifteen years old.
  •  This young lady was very dedicated and hardworking in building her career as a co-driver in the rallies.