Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary

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Liv Lo

Liv Lo’s net worth is about $11 million

Liv Lo

Who is Liv Lo?

From and to David and, and then to and Rita Wilson, there have been many celebrity couples with whom many people have fallen in love over the years. Another couple that is gradually making its way onto the list is Henry Golding and Liv Lo. Although Liv Lo is a TV host, model, and yoga instructor, she is best known outside of Taiwan and Japan as Golding’s wife.

Liv Lo: Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Liv Lo was born on May 21, 1985, in Taichung, Taiwan, to a Taiwanese mother and an Italian father.

She, on the other hand, considers herself to be a true Taiwanese.

Liv was raised by her mother and adopted father, Hong Kong-born Richard Lo. In terms of her biological father, he had never been a part of her life. In reality, she’s never met him.

She was raised in Taichung alongside her sister, Leeza Pazkowski, in a multilingual household. She stayed there until she was 17 years old, when she was enticed into the fashion industry.

She had been mostly self-sufficient since that age. Because the modeling agency she was with (in Taiwan) had a lot of girls, she worked very hard, which helped her later move to Japan.

Lo used her modeling experience in Japan to attend Temple University, where she earned a degree in Mass Communication.

Despite juggling her education and career, she rose to become one of Japan’s top models.

Her stars had already taken to the skies before she started school, as she was featured in magazines and dominated the runway. She also got a job as a TV reporter for FOX TV Japan.

What is the net worth of Liv Lo?

Liv Lo’s net worth is about $11 million

Liv Lo
Liv Lo photo Source: Google

Liv Lo: Ethnicity and Parents

Lo is well-known for her close relationship with her parents. As previously stated, she is of Euro-Asian ethnicity and was raised by her Taiwanese mother and her Hong Kong-born adopted father.

She traveled a lot as a child with her parents and sisters because her father was a music producer and his job required him to.

They traveled to wherever he had work in Asia, so the family lived in places like Japan, China, and Hong Kong before settling in Taiwan.

Because of her parents’ influence, she grew up as a free spirit who was not afraid to try new things, such as forming an all-girl hip hop dance troupe with her friends, playing sports (badminton and basketball), and rollerblading.

After all of this, she decided to become a model.

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Liv Lo: Relationship Status

Liv and her husband are unlike most other couples, and their love story is no exception.

Lo had a successful modeling career in Japan before their paths ever crossed.

Her priorities shifted after meeting him, and she relocated to Singapore to be with her then-British-Malaysian boyfriend, Golding.

The couple first met on January 1, 2011, in Singapore, while celebrating the birthday of a mutual friend in a restaurant.

The actor drew the attention of the lady who would later become his wife due to his good height and looks, which were complemented by his down-to-earth demeanor.

Lo tried everything she could to catch Golding’s attention, but despite noticing her, he made no attempt to introduce himself.

After failing to get him to talk to her, she decided to make the first move when it was time to leave, and as he walked behind her, she turned and told him she was leaving and he would never see her again.

That was the beginning of their love story.

Henry Golding proposed to Lo four years later while they were in Phuket, Thailand, and she accepted.

In 2016, the couple married in Malaysia as husband and wife.

The ceremony was held in Golding’s hometown of Cove 55 resort in Sarawak, in the presence of their families and close friends.