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Lola Igna’s Cause of Death:

Lola Igna’s Cause of Death:

Lola Igna is making headlines once more. What happened to her? This article will provide you with information about the reason for Lola Igna’s death as well as other topics.

Lola Igna was a 100-year-old farmer who lived in a shack on her rice field.

She garnered international recognition after being named as the world’s oldest living grandma.

Eduardo Roy Jr. directed and wrote a 2019 Filipino comedy film based on the woman’s life experience.

Angie Ferro, a professional actress, has been hired as Lola Igna in the film titled Lola Igna.

From September 12 to September 19, 2019, it was shown in Philippine theaters.

The Film Development Council of the Philippines designated it as an official entry for the 3rd Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

This film was supposed to be part of Cinemalaya 2012,

but it was canceled after the producer modified the script to satisfy a foreign distributor.

It was chosen again and was scheduled to be one of the Cinemalaya 2017 entries,

but the production withdrew from the festival.

Lola Igna was chosen as one of the official submissions for the 2018 ToFarm Film Festival Philippines. But it was brought up again.

Lola Igna
Lola acting on a movie source: IMdb

Lola Igna Cause of Death: How Did She Die?

Eduardo Roy Jr, the film’s director, never addressed Lola Igna’s death cause in his film.

Her narrative was featured in the multi-awarded 2019 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino

Awards film “Lola Igna,” which tells the story of an old woman who waits to die so she can be with her husband.

Things change when she discovers she may hold a world record for being so old.

According to the mayor of her little provincial town, Lola may become the world’s oldest grandma.

Lola Igna’s life is turned upside down when her family and community hear she has a chance to break the record for the oldest grandma still alive.

When asked what she wants out of life,

she surprises everyone by saying she wants to die.

She explained to Tim, her great-grandson, why she wanted to die.

Igna told him she wanted to die because she was tired of going to people’s funerals,

especially because she had lived longer than many of the ladies she had assisted in giving birth as a midwife.

The film never mentions her death since media attention faded when another person was named the oldest living grandmother.

How Old Is Nida’s Grandmother, According to Wikipedia?

The Wikipedia entry for the film titled “Lola Igna” discusses Nida’s grandmother’s biography.

In the film, she was mentioned to be 118 years old.

Lola Igna, a 118-year-old grandmother, was vivacious, happy, and courageous for her age.

She was a centenarian farmer who lived alone in her rice field in a shack.

While Igna goes about her daily routine and tries to avoid hordes of reporters and tourists at her home,

her granddaughter Nida capitalizes on her grandmother’s sudden fame by peddling themed merchandise starring her.

Lola Igna wanted to die because she was sick of going to people’s funerals.

She empties her urinal at a young man who turns out to be Tim, her great-grandson

from her estranged other granddaughter Ana, who walked out years ago after a disagreement with Nida.

Lola tears in front of Tim after attending a wake, claiming that she

wants to die because she is tired of coming to people’s funerals.

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Despite Nida’s concerns,

Tim continues to construct his great-grandmother’s coffin despite his full understanding of the circumstances.

Lola Igna teaches how to use his technological equipment to guests and well-wishers as he opens up to them.

When Ana becomes pregnant, she makes amends with Nida and travels with her son and grandmother.

Ana goes into labor again after a successful delivery beside the ricefield,

but she dies when she sees Carias. Lola Igna, on the other hand, utilizes her casket for Ana’s funeral.

As another woman obtains the title of oldest living grandmother,

press coverage of Lola Igna begins to fade, and life in town returns to normal.

Tim remains on Igna’s farm and cares for her sister.