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Louis Hofmann, the forger, has two parents:

Louis Hofmann, the forger, has two parents:

Louis Hofmann is a German actor who rose to prominence as the lead in the 2011 German film Tom Sawyer. In addition, Louis Hofmann is most recognized for his part as Jonas in the original Netflix German series Dark (2017-20), which was a huge international hit.

He also received praise for his performances in the military drama Under Sandet (2015), for which he received a Bodil Award for Best Supporting Actor, and in the Oscar-nominated World Military II movie Land of Mine (2015).

Other significant works by Hofmann include the comedy film Lommbock (2017) and the German drama film Different Kinds of Rain (2017), as well as appearances in German TV shows such as Danni Lowinski, Wilsberg, and SOKO Köln.

Louis Hofmann with his father Source: CNN

Finally, The Forger (2022) is based on the true story of Samson “Cioma” Schönhaus, a Jewish graphic artist who falsified documents to help other Jews flee Nazi Germany during WWII.

Hofmann plays the lead in the film and has received critical acclaim for his compelling performance.

Mr. Louis Hofmann Father Marov and Mother Shefna Hofmann are the parents

Louis Hofmann was born on June 3, 1997, in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, to Marov and Shefna and grew up in Cologne.

Apart from the actor’s parents’ names, little is known about them because, despite their son’s popularity, they kept their personal life hidden from the public.

Louis Hofmann’s parents’ private lives have remained hidden.

As a result, virtually little is known about them, and they have not given any media interviews or made public appearances.

His parents, on the other hand, were the people who supported him the most during his acting career, and they most certainly contributed significantly to Hofmann’s success.

Louis Hofmann portrayed the role of Jonas in the Netflix original series Dark. (Source: The New York Times)

During an interview, the German actor expressed his gratitude for his parents’ continual guidance and encouragement toward his goals.

His parents, he said, had been his “rock” throughout his career.

Nonetheless, Marov and Shefna Hofmann appreciate their privacy and would want to remain anonymous.

They clearly cherish their privacy and seek to keep a low profile.

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Actor Louis Hofmann’s Career

Louis Hofmann’s first acting role was in the evening magazine program Servicezeit on the WDR Fernsehen television network. He made his debut on the show when he was only two years old.

Two and a half years later, Hofmann decided to become an actor and applied to an acting agency, which later represented him.

Louis Hofmann has been in the entertainment industry since a very young age. (Source: Instagram)

In 2009, he appeared as a guest star in the legal comedy-drama Danni Lowinski and the television series Der Verlorene Vater, as well as the television film Tod in Istanbul.

Hofmann’s film career began in 2011 with the lead role in the German film Tom Sawyer, which brought him attention and notoriety.

Finally, he has received numerous awards for his spectacular and fascinating performances, including Best Actor at the Tokyo International Film Festival, the Bodil Award for Best Supporting Actor, and the Berlin International Film Festival Shooting Stars Award.