Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary

Activist Artist

Mao Sugiyama

Mao Sugiyama net worth is not available.

Mao Sugiyama

Who is Mao Sugiyama?

Mao Sugiyama is a Japanese artist, performer, and activist. On March 31, 2012, Mao Sugiyama became a public figure after undergoing Castrated surgery to remove his masculine genitals. Not only did he accomplish the deed that made him famous, but he also became a part of the media conversation when he publicly offered his genitals to consumers for 100,000 yen.

Sugiyama’s name has recently been trending on the internet as a result of the police arresting seven people in Finsbury Park, London.

Mao Sugiyama- Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Mao Sugiyama was born on March 31, 1990.

He has experienced numerous challenges since undergoing genital surgery to advocate asexuality and gender equality.

He has become a prominent personality and has never revealed anything about his childhood.

After cooking and serving his male genitals, he did not appear in any personal interviews.

However, given his profile as an activist, he must have a graduate degree from a Japanese university.

He underwent this surgery at the age of 22.

He may no longer be living with his family as a result of his Castrated therapy.

He, as a public person, never discussed his familial history.

But he is entirely Japanese and has always observed Japanese law.

He was aware that undergoing Castrated surgery is permitted in Japan.

Cannibalism is not lawful in Japan, according to some.

Then he must be arrested for serving his genital and might face two years in prison and a fine of 2.45 million Yen, or $32000 USD.

Net Worth of Mao Sugiyama? Salary, Earning

Mao’s labor and earnings are scarcely known because he rose to prominence as a result of his genital removal operation and feeding them to visitors to eat.

Following that, no media people conducted personal interviews with him.

Neither he is on social media, where he could publish information about his lifestyle and earnings.

If he lists himself on social media or speaks directly in any interviews, we may update them on his net worth in the future.

Facts of Mao Sugiyama

Full Real Name Mao Sugiyama
Nickname Mao, HC, Ham Cybele.
Popular for His Castrated Surgery
Age (as of 2022) 32 years old.
Profession Artist
Date of Birth March 31, 1990 (Saturday)
Place of Birth Japan
Current Residence Japan
Education Graduate
School Name Local High School
Net worth Not Known
Nationality Japanese
Ethnicity Asian
Religion Buddhism
Zodiac Sign Aries
Language Japanese

Relationship Status

Mao Sugiyama has already stated that he supports asexuality and that he removed his all-male genitals in 2012.

These facts should have demonstrated to you that people like him dislike being a part of any romantic connection.

He is single and will remain so for the rest of his life.

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Color

Sugiyama’s height is 5′ 6′′ (approximate)  in feet inches.

His height is 1.64 m in meters and 164 cm in centimeters.

His weight is 70 kg in Kilograms (approx.).

His weight is 154 pounds in pounds

His Hair Color is Light Brown and Black.

His Hair Length is Medium.

His chest size, waist size, and bicep size are 38cm, 34cm, and 15cm respectively.

She has no Plastic Surgery. His Shoe Size is 10 US (9 UK).

Mao Sugiyama- Professional Career

Sugiyama discussed his accomplishments as a Japanese performer and activist.

However, we have found no additional information about his work.

But we’d love to tell you about the specifics of his Castrated surgery.

On his 22nd birthday in 2012, He underwent Castrated surgery.

Then he freezes and double bags his genitals.

He considered eating his genital on his own at first but eventually chose to make it enormous and artistic instead.

He, a self-described asexual, then tweeted on his Twitter account.

And he received a response to his tweet, and many people expressed an interest in eating his male genitals.

Two months later, he plans a dinner with a musical entertainment panel, making it look like a large occasion.

He revealed to his guest that he went on a one-month sex frenzy prior to the procedure.

He went through all of this to ensure that he wouldn’t be sorry later.

He revealed that he was checked after a month of sex bingeing and was declared to be free of venereal illnesses.

He then had all of the guests sign a contract in which it is stated that he is not responsible if they become ill as a result of his chewing his genitals.

Around 70 individuals joined him inside the banquet hall in Tokyo’s Suginami neighborhood.

Sugiyama cooked his genitals while dressed as a chef.

All of his genitals were seasoned and cooked over a small gas burner.

Five guests paid $250 USD for one plate of the event’s special supper.

Others, on the other hand, solely ate beef and crocodile meat.

He served genitals to five people ranging in age from 22 to 32.

However, after eating the dinner, they remark that it was lackluster and that the penis had a rubbery feel and a bland taste.

According to one of them following this event, many locals filed complaints with Suginami police against Sugiyama and three other people who planned the event.

He was not arrested because cannibalism is not banned in Japan.

In contrast, he stated that any charge did not apply to him because everyone attending the gathering was aware of what the event was about.

He also stated that he is certain he did not break any laws and that his event was completely planned and aimed to raise awareness of x-gender, asexual, and sexual minorities.

In February 2013, the accusations against him were withdrawn.

Mao Sugiyama’s most recent news

On February 6, 2022, police detained seven people after searching Nullo Cult in the basement of a residence in Finsbury Park, North London, and spent three days collecting all desktop computers, laptops, and other raid-related materials.

Nullo’s are members of an extreme body modification subculture that primarily consists of persons who have already had genital removal surgery.

The police have disclosed that the gang is motivated by the asexual Japanese prominent artist Mr. Mao, who had genital removal surgery in 2012.

Cops claimed that they were live-streaming the Castrated procedure on an explicit channel for a fee.

They increased the Twitter promotion of their channel.

One of the seven people is a 44-year-old Norwegian guy who has been named as the primary suspect in this case.

.According to a neighbor near the Finsbury Park flat, The other six folks are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Social media

Mao’s social media is not available.

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Quick Facts of Mao Sugiyama

  • Mao became a public figure when he went through Castrated surgery on March 31, 2012, that is done to remove his male genitals.
  • He is trending over the internet due to the arrest of seven people at Finsbury Park, London by the police.
  • It is revealed by the police that the group is inspired by the asexual Japanese popular artist Mr. Mao who earlier had his genital removal surgery in 2012.