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Meet Chris Minns’ sons Joe, Nick, and George Minns.

Meet Chris Minns’ sons Joe, Nick, and George Minns.

Who are Chris Minns’ kids? The Australian politician’s family life has recently come to light as a result of his opinions on corruption. Christopher John Minns is the 47th Premier of New South Wales and will take office on March 28, 2023.

The Australian politician from the Australian Labor Party (ALP)

represents the Kogarah electoral district in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly.

Chris Minns has been involved in politics for many years, holding numerous positions within the ALP.

Throughout his political career, he has prioritized education, health, and community development.

Chris has also been an outspoken advocate for improved infrastructure and services for his residents. Let us now understand more about his family and childhood.

Meet Chris Minns’ Children: Joe, Nick, and George

Chris Minns, a politician, is the proud father of three sons: Joe, Nick, and George Minns.

He has a wife named Anna. Despite keeping their children’s names hidden,

the couple has revealed how they met and began their marriage.

Joining the Labor Party launched Chris Minns’ political career and brought him to his wife.

When Anna volunteered for the Labor Party in 1999, Tony Burke introduced them.

Anna’s husband, Chris Minns, is the father of three sons.

Minns recalls warmly the first time he encountered Anna at a Beverly Hills Pizza Hut, claiming that he knew she was the one.

Chris Minns
Chris with his family source: People

Anna, for her part,

regarded her future husband as “very cute” and “confident” when they first met.

She had her own successful career as a criminal prosecutor for the Department of Public Prosecutions,

as well as bringing the recycling company TerraCycle from America to Australia and New Zealand.

Anna is also the CEO and co-founder of Boomerang Labs, a company that helps entrepreneurs commercialize their ideas.

Anna followed her business prospects after Chris returned from Princeton, and Minns cared for their sons before deciding to run for parliament.

More On Chris Minns’ Family And Career

Chris Minns grew up in Sydney’s St George region, notably in Penshurst, the son of a school administrator.

He attended Marist College Kogarah and graduated from the University of New England in Armidale with a bachelor’s degree.

He continued his study at Princeton University in the United States,

where he earned a Master’s degree in Public Policy in 2012-2013.

Minns has worked in a variety of fields during his career, including working for a child mental health organization and as a firefighter.

He was also an adviser to the NSW government and the NSW Labor Party’s assistant secretary.

Children of Chris Minns NSW Premier Chris Minns has referred

Hunter Minister Tim Crakanthorp to the corruption watchdog and urged him to resign.

Minns joined the Australian Labor Party at the age of 18 in 1998 and was elected to the Kogarah seat in 2015.

He supports the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs of the NRL and is a member of Labor’s Right faction.

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Minns’ political career began in 2004 when he was elected to the Hurstville City Council

as a Penshurst Ward councilor, and he served as deputy mayor from 2007 to 2008.

He successfully led the Labor Party to victory in the 2023 New South Wales state election,

which was held on March 25, beating the incumbent Liberal-National Coalition.

This was Labor’s first return to power at the state level since 2011.

Following the election, the Health Services Union accused the Minns

government of being too slow to lift the current 3% wage increase cap.

Recently, NSW Premier Chris Minns took action against one of his cabinet colleagues.

Chris sent Hunter Minister Tim Crakanthorp to the corruption watchdog and asked him to resign.