Morgan Beasley

Who is Morgan Beasley?

Morgan Beasley is an American nomad and television personality best known for starring in the reality TV show “Mountain Guys,” which depicts the lives of men who choose to live outside of society and the contemporary world.

During his childhood, Morgan Beasley developed an interest in nature, the natural world, and spending time outside. After graduating and working in the city, he discovered that modern occupations put him under too much stress.

Morgan Beasley- Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Morgan Beasley was born in the 1960s in Idaho, United States. His ethnicity is Caucasian and his nationality is American.

Beasley’s lineage, as well as his childhood, are unknown due to a lack of information in the media about his familial origin. Jill Beasley is his younger sister, and she works as a medical sales recruiter. He received his schooling at the University of Idaho, where he earned a degree in Environmental Science.

Net Worth of Morgan Beasley? Salary, Earnings

Morgan has established a net worth of over $1 million, according to authoritative sources, thanks to his role in “Mountain Men,” for which he receives an estimated salary of $200,000 every series, making him one of the highest-paid cast members. His work with the Apricity Alaska group and the sale of his handy crafts are two more sources of income.

Morgan Beasley
Morgan Beasley posing for a picture. Source: eceleb-gossip


Morgan Beasley- Relationship, Married Life, Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Beasley has been quite discreet about his personal life, despite sharing all of his journey escapades with the world. He has never been married, and sources say they don’t know what his relationship status is.

Due to his nomadic existence, he is considered to be unmarried, as he is constantly on the go and finds nature to be his primary interest and employment.

He even stated that climbing mountains and rocks are easier for him than interacting with humans. Rumors circulated in the media that he and Margaret Stern were dating, with viewers claiming that the two would form an ideal couple because they share similar interests and a similar way of life. These rumors, on the other hand, stay just that!

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Colour

Beasley stands at a height of 5ft 10ins, however, his weight and other bodily characteristics are unknown.

He has light brown hair and brown eyes, as well as a big beard.

Morgan Beasley- Professional Career

When it came to his career, Beasley decided not to pursue anything immediately related to his academic degrees, but after graduating, he worked in construction and cabinetry for a while.

To help pay the bills, he also worked in fish processing and as a tourist guide, among other things. He despised working in typical industries and factories, arguing that they were destroying everything that nature had given to humans. He preferred outdoor labor since it allowed him to be more in touch with nature, plants, and animals.

During his childhood, Beasley developed an interest in nature, the natural world, and spending time outside. After graduating and working in the city, he discovered that modern occupations put him under too much stress.

Morgan Beasley was also cut off from the metropolitan culture because he was not a people person. So it didn’t take long for him to become dissatisfied with modern life and wander away from it, looking for anything natural rather than engaging in human society and connection.

Beasley left Idaho for a life of independence and intimate connection to nature, committing himself to the most basic manner of existence.

He became a wanderer, seeking peace and fulfillment in being surrounded by nature. He spent the following ten years as a nomad, living and traveling across the country and surviving on whatever nature provided him with, before settling in Alaska, where he felt the closest to nature.

He constructed himself a temporary home on 37 acres of property there, living away from humans and smoothly blending into nature, enjoying an off-the-grid lifestyle with the nearest town nearly 250 miles distant. There, he continued to hone his horse packing skills, which he had learned upon graduating, by constructing a horse barn next to his home.

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Quick Facts of Morgan Beasley

  • Morgan Beasley is an American nomad, and a television personality, best known to the world for being a star of the reality TV series “Mountain Men”, a show depicting the lives of men choosing to live away from society and the modern-day world.
  • In 2015 Beasley got the opportunity to appear in the hit reality TV series “Mountain Men”, alongside the famous naturalist Eustace Conway.
  • Although Beasley shares all his journey adventures with the public, he has been very secretive about his private life.
  • Morgan has accumulated a net worth of over $1 million, amassed by his involvement in “Mountain Men” for which Beasley receives an estimated salary of $200,000 per series, being one of the top paid cast members.