Prichard Colon

Who is Prichard Colon?

Prichard Colon was a well-known boxer in his day, as expected. Since 2013, Prichard Colon has won 16 times in his professional career. Not only that, but Melendez was an unbeaten champion before his final fight, which effectively terminated his boxing career. His fans are likewise deeply devastated by the situation that led to his defeat.

Net Worth and Salary of Prichard Colon

Prichard Colon’s net worth is $100K – $5 Million.

Prichard Colon
Prichard Colon posing for a photo. Source: Players bio

Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education of Prichard Colon

Prichard Colon is a former professional boxer from Puerto Rico who was born on September 19, 1992, in the United States.

Colón was born in Maitland, Florida, and is a former boxer.

Richard Colón, a former serviceman, is his father, and Nieves Colón is his mother.

The Colon family intended to go to Puerto Rico when they were ten years old.

His father relocated so that Prichard could represent the island at the championship.

The family then settled in Puerto Rico’s Orocovis region.

Prichard began both his high school and amateur careers in the Albergue Olmpico in Salinas, Puerto Rico.

Colon, on the other hand, was so adept at what he did that he earned the nickname “Digget.”

It is derived from the word “digger” because of his height and size.

Melendez attended the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in San Juan, Puerto Rico, after graduating from high school.

Facts of Prichard Colon

Full Name Prichard Colon Melendez
Date Of Birth September 19, 1992
Place Of Birth  Maitland, Florida
Nick/Pet Name Digget
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnic Belonging Hispanic
Father’s Name Richard Colon Melendez
Mother’s Name Nieves Melendez
Number Of Siblings Unknown
Education Universidad del Sagrado Corazón
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Age 28
Height ‎6 ft (1.83 m)
Weight Super welterweight
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Shoe Size Unavailable
Body Measurement Unknown
Figure Athletic
Marital Status Un-married
Girlfriend No
Children Unavailable
Occupation Former Boxer
Net worth $100K – $5 Million
Salary $100K – $5 Million
Active Since 2013

Height, Weight & Body Measurement 

The former boxer is 6 feet 0 inches tall (1.83 m).

Colon is classified as a Light Midweight, often known as a Super Welterweight or a Junior Midweight.

It’s a tough class in the world of fighting sports.

Before he was injured, he had an extremely toned body, which is a basic prerequisite and an advantage in combat sports.

The term “super welterweight” refers to a weight division available solely in professional boxing.

It is for people weighing 147 pounds or more, practically up to 154 pounds (66.7–69.9 kg).

Prichard has a light olive complexion, brown eyes, and dark brown hair.

Furthermore, he has a unique way of applying his facial hair, which makes him appear seductive and attractive.

Colon’s zodiac sign will be Virgo because he was born in September.

A Virgo male understands that hard work pays off, and they often devote as much time to their creativity as they do to their other loves.

They are also thought to be dependable, long-lasting, and loving.

All of these traits can be found in Colon both before and after the great catastrophe.

Professional Career 

Prichard Colon was famous throughout his amateur career for winning five national tournaments in the 141- and 152-pound weight classes.

Not only that, but the brilliant player also earned a gold medal in the 64 kg division in the Pan American Youth Championship.

He was a hard-working boxer who had amassed a large following over the years.

Colon also competed in Brazil’s pre-Olympics and received a pass to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Unfortunately, he was defeated in the last round by a Venezuelan boxer.

All of this happened during Prichard’s amateur career.

In 2012, he decided to become a professional fighter after reaching new heights of accomplishment. C

olon finished his professional career with a 170-15 record. Melendez’s first opponent was Xavier La Salle.

It was situated in Catao, Puerto Rico, at the Cosme Beita Salamo Coliseum. As a result, he made his professional debut on February 23, 2013.

The supporters applauded after the match after Colon knocked out LaSalle in the first round.

Prichard’s edge program was well-known. In 2013, it was boxed five times, and seven times the following year.

The promising boxer’s most remarkable encounter came on September 9, 2015, when he fought against Vivian Harris, a more professional opponent.

Everyone was looking forward to the fight at the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The stunning display finished with Colón wiping out Harris in the fourth round.

Colón was expected to battle Terrell Williams in an undercard contest at the Eagle Bank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia, on October 17, 2015.

The conflict was not originally part of the program, but it was added when Andre Dirrell quit his fight with Blake Caparello for medicinal reasons.

The bout only took place one month after Prichard’s most recent fight against Vivian Harris.

Melendez struggled with Williams for nine rounds, in which both combatants were punished.

Colón was penalized for a low knockback, while Williams was penalized for hitting Colón in the back of his head.

In the ninth round, Williams hit Colón twice, and Colón didn’t come back for the tenth round.

It was apparent that Colón was disconnected and he felt faintness.

After the contest, Melendez was vomited and was brought to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with brain blood loss. As a result of the conflict, Colón lapsed into a coma.

After a match with Terrell, Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia hospitalized Colón since he had been in a coma for several weeks.

But he requested more specialist care, so the hospital finally relocated him to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

The sad incident placed him in a coma for 221 days, from the same time he battled alongside Terrell Williams.

Colón was transported from the hospital to his mother’s home in Orlando, Florida.

Since then, Colón has remained in a prolonged vegetative process.

Prichard’s mom showed Colón’s footage on her Facebook account in 2018. In that video, he attended physical therapy and responded to verbal directions.

Social Media Status

There’s little or no social media activity of the retired boxer.

The only updates that supporters get are from his mother’s Facebook account.

He was quite involved on Facebook, but after the sad incident, we can no longer find him there.

Prichard has various trending hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, as the boxing world also speaks about him.

Many papers have been written in his favor and items that the boxing community wants to better.

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Quick Facts of Prichard Colon

  • Colon ended his professional career with a record 170-15.
  • Melendez fought Xavier La Salle as an opening match.
  • Colón was expected to fight Terrell Williams in an undercard contest at the Eagle Bank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia, on October 17, 2015.
  • After the contest, Melendez was vomited and then rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with brain blood loss.
  • The unfortunate incident left him in a coma for 221 days, from the very moment he fought alongside Terrell Williams.