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RDX Weight Lifting Belt Review

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RDX Weight Lifting Belt Review

RDX Weight Lifting Belt Review

Powerlifting is a primitive kind of strength training. You must properly prepare your body for powerlifting. The weights on top of your head put a lot of pressure on your spine, and if you don’t have the proper support, you could damage yourself.

When lifting heavy weights, powerlifting belts can provide the extra support your back requires.

Strength training sessions can be less stressful and more productive with these belts.

Hence, if you enjoy powerlifting, you need to invest in a high-quality powerlifting belt to support your body and prevent injuries.

Powerlifting belts made of high-quality materials will provide adequate support and prevent your spine from harm.

When purchasing a powerlifting belt, make sure to acquire the correct size; otherwise, you may not receive adequate support.

In this review, we will look at the RDX Weight Lifting Belt and discover why it is one of the best powerlifting belts on the market today.


This leather belt features a curved pattern that fits nicely around the waist.

You will notice that it does not resemble a black leather lifting belt.

The fluffy, suede-like finish looks inviting. It is also gentle on the skin.

Its white double stitching stands out against the golden brown color of the belt, and the brand name on the front draws attention.

It is highly cushioned on the inside to provide additional support to the lumbar region when lifting weights. It has moisture-wicking technology, so if you sweat, your belt will stay dry and fresh, making it more sanitary to wear.

It will not stink like the other belts either.

Its unequal breadth makes it ideal for many types of lifting, including Olympic-style exercises.

It is designed with two prongs, which makes it stronger and more secure.

This belt is available in both double-prong and lever styles, so you may select the one that best suits your needs.

Quality Construction

It is comprised of four layers of high-quality oil-tanned Nubuck cowhide leather.

The oil tanning procedure softens and strengthens the belt.

When you hoist the biggest weight, it will not break even.

Because of the oil treatment used in the production, the leather feels incredibly soft.

This belt is designed to provide excellent back support.

It has strengthened dual stitching to keep the belt from shattering under strain and to keep its shape even during intensive workouts.

As you touch the belt, you will immediately notice the softness on both the outer and inside.

The 4-inch shock-absorbent cushioning is extremely comfortable and provides the necessary back support when lifting weights.

There are two variations of this belt available: the buckle version and the lever version.

The buckle variant is constructed of strong metal and rivets to secure the belt.

The lever variant is also built of strong metal and features a reliable lever mechanism.

Both models give a good fit and keep the belt from slipping during lifting.


This belt is unevenly wide, a half-inch thick at the cushioned rear area, and a quarter-inch thick elsewhere.

The largest portion is 4 inches broad.

This belt is available in sizes ranging from small to XXL.

The small size is from 24 to 28 inches, while the XXL ranges from 40 to 45 inches.

You should choose a size larger than your waist size to ensure a proper fit.

The belt has ten regularly spaced holes that offer consumers a secure fit.


This belt has 4 inches of cushion and is really comfy.

The padding functions as a cushion against the lower back, providing optimal support and comfort.

The two-prong buckle and lever mechanism make adjusting the belt simple.

It is very easy to put on and remove the belt when not in use.

This belt can withstand years of heavy use.


This belt is so well made that even prolonged gym abuse will not wear or tear it.

It has a really nice feel to it and is strong enough to last for years.

It provides the optimum support for heavy squats and eliminates excessive abdominal pressure during heavy lifts because it is the same diameter all around.

This belt is ideal for deadlifts because the actions require a softer belt, and this belt appears to have the appropriate softness and padding.

This belt is intended to enhance your athletic performance.

It can also aid in maintaining appropriate posture when carrying big objects.

The additional padding in the lower back functions as a cushion to provide maximum comfort.

This belt offers good back support and protects against injuries.

During exercise, you will be able to keep your balance.

With this belt, you can easily perform heavy lifting, weighted dips, functional training, belt squats, and other activities.

The International Powerlifting League (IPL) and the United States Powerlifting Association have both sanctioned this belt (USPA).

Price of RDX Weight Lifting Belt Workout

Despite its high price, this belt is well worth purchasing owing to its high quality and longevity.

The cost of this belt is $40.99 + shipping.

If you are dissatisfied with the belt, the manufacturer will refund your money.


It features a highly attractive style and is available in black or brown.

Because this belt is composed of soft and comfy cowhide leather, it will last longer.

The back has additional padding that provides lumbar support.

The belt’s strengthened double stitching adds strength.

Its moisture-wicking technology prevents sweat from accumulating and thereby eliminates odors.

It is quite cost-effective.

RDX Weight Lifting Belt Review
RDX Weight Lifting Belt Review Source: RNW

It comes in a variety of sizes.

It offers two buckle options: the double-prong buckle and the lever mechanism.

These designs make it simple to put on and remove the belt.

It is lightweight and pleasant to wear.

While worn, it does not pinch or damage the skin.

It keeps its shape and preserves its rigidity over time without bending or shearing.

It is well-designed to keep you running for an extended period of time.


Several individuals dislike the double-prong style because it makes fastening the belt harder.

It is more pricey than other belts on the market.

While lifting more than 300 pounds, you may notice some stress marks on the belt.

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Final Decision

The RDX Weight Lifting Belt is ideal for weightlifting.

It is composed of high-quality leather and will last a long time.

It is quite simple to put on and take off the belt using either the buckle or the lever mechanism.

When you hoist the weight, the 4-inch padding supports your back.

This belt can help you avoid injuries while intense weightlifting.

Despite the belt being slightly more expensive than other belts on the market, it is an excellent alternative for big weight lifters due to its quality and functionality.