Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary

Businessman producer

Steve Bing

Steve Bing’s net worth is $600 million. 

Steve Bing

Who is Steve Bing?

Steve Bing was a well-known American businessman, film producer, and donor. Steve Bing established the Shangri-La business group. It is a company that operates in a variety of industries, including real estate, construction, entertainment, and music.

Steve Bing – Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

On March 31, 1965, Steve Bing was born. Helen Bing is his mother’s name, and she is a nurse. 

Similarly, his father’s name is Peter Bing, and he was a public health doctor.

His race was Caucasian. For his graduation, Bing enrolled at Stanford University. 

He started there but soon left to pursue his career in Hollywood.


Bing died when he was 55 years old. He committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of his 27th-floor flat. 

According to accounts, he was suffering from mental health concerns.

Net Worth of Steve Bing? Salary, Earning

Steve Bing was a film producer and businessman with a net worth of $600 million. 

His compensation, however, was not disclosed.

Facts of Steve Bing

Name Steve Bing
Net Worth: $600 Million
Date of Birth: Mar 31, 1965 – Jun 22, 2020 (55 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)
Profession: Film Producer, Businessperson, Writer, Screenwriter
Nationality: United States of America

Relationship, Married life, Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Elizabeth Hurley announced her pregnancy in 2001, claiming Steve Bing was the father. 

He initially denies being the father and maintains they had no interaction with her.

However, a DNA test eventually revealed that Bing was the father. Damian Hurley was the child’s name.

Bing was reported to be the father of Kira Bonder’s daughter Kira Bonder once more in 2001. 

Steve Bing was a businessman, film producer, and donor. Source: The Mirror

A DNA test confirmed this as well.

Steve had relationships with Liv Tyler in 2008, Sheryl Crow in 2007, Nicole Kidman in 2004, Brooke Burns in 2003, Elizabeth Hurley in 2000, Lisa Bonder in 1998, Farrah Fawcett in 1997, Denice D. Lewis in 1994, Sharon Stone in 1991, Tracy Richman from 1986 to 1999, and Janice Dickinson and Uma Thurman.

In 2003, Steve had an interaction with Naomi Campbell.

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Color

Steve Bing stood 6 feet 4 inches tall and had a great figure ( 193cm). 

Similarly, his weight was unknown. His hair was grey, and his eyes were blue.

Steve Bing – Professional Career

Bing is a well-known investor who has put $80 million into The Polar Express. 

It is an animated picture that has grossed $285 million worldwide. 

He has also made investments in various films. In 2007, he directed economically Robert Zemeckis’ Beowulf.

He is also the producer/financier of Shine A Light, a Martin Scorsese-directed Rolling Stones concert film.

Bing also financed and produced Jerry Lee Lewis’s independently released album Last Man Standing, which featured Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, B.B. King, and Kid Rock in addition to “The Killer.”

Bing has also made federal contributions to the Democratic Party and its candidates. 

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, he has contributed more than $10.7 million to the Party.

He is also known as one of the most generous political donors, having donated $8.2 million to the Democratic National Committee in 2002.

During the 2006 election cycle, Bing contributed $49.5 million in support of Proposition 87. 

In 2005, he spent $4.25 million to successfully defeat Proposition 77.

Another significant contribution of his is $640,172 to the California Democratic Party. 

Similarly, $675, 000 was donated to Gov. Gray Davis.

He is also well-known for donating to and investing in San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s 2004 campaign, which earned $750.

He established the William J. Clinton Foundation and contributed between $10 and $25 million to the No on Proposition 8 campaign. 

He was now well-known as the creator of the Shangri-La business group.

Awards for Lifetime Achievement

Steve made numerous contributions in various sectors, but they have yet to be recognized. 

However, in 2013, he was nominated for a BAFTA Film Award for Best Documentary Film for Marley, starring Kevin Macdonald and Charles Steel.

Steve Bing – Social Media Status

Bing is a well-known business personality that is well-respected in his area. 

He was not active on social media and was not seen posting much about his personal life.

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Quick Facts of Steve Bing

  • Steve was a well-known businessman, film producer, and also donor from the USA.
  • He committed suicide by jumping from the balcony of the 27th-floor apartment owned by him.
  • Steve was a businessman and film producer who has a net worth of $600 million.
  • He was once involved in the rumors that he is wasting a lot of money investing in various fields.
  • In 2001, Elizabeth Hurley announced she was pregnant and claimed Steve was the father of the baby.