Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary


Turlough Convery

Turlough Convery’s net worth is $500,000.

Turlough Convery

Who is Turlough Convery?

Turlough Convery is a well-known Irish actor. Turlough Convery is famous for his work on various American television shows and films. One of his few outstanding performances was as Chief Oology Expert in Ready Player One.

Despite the fact that the 36-year-old Irish actor has not performed any important roles in the film business, Turlough has given his role his all and stated that he appreciates every time he spends on stage.

Turlough Convery- Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Turlough Convery was born on October 17, 1985. He has not disclosed himself despite the fact that there is no definite birthdate.

However, based on his age 36, it is 1985. His zodiac sign is Libra. Convery grew up in Northern Ireland.

So, while he may not appear to have an Irish accent, he does occasionally talk in Irish accents on the screen.

Furthermore, it appears Turlough improvised for, or perhaps it was a mistake, but yes, he does employ his Irish accent on occasion.

So, if you happen to run across him, we’re sure he’ll greet you cordially in his distinctive Irish accent.

Turlough went to Rockport School in Hollywood, California, where he excelled in Drama.

He has always wanted to be an actor since he was a child. As a result, he selected Hollywood, America’s so-called “DreamFactory.”

He also completed his sixth form at “Our Lady and St Patrick’s College” in Belfast, where he gained drama awards.

He hasn’t finished his studies yet.

He grew so obsessed with performing that he enrolled in Musical Theatre classes at the Guildford School of Acting.

He also received the Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer Award in 2013.

Turlough has expressed his enthusiasm for acting and theater dramas on various occasions.

Net Worth of Turlough Convery? Salary, Earning

Despite the fact that his actual net worth is unknown, Turlough Convery is thought to earn roughly $500,000 every year.

However, this is still dependent on his character and the popularity of the show/movie.

Facts of Turlough Convery

Relationship, Married life, Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Certainly, no information about Turlough Convery’s previous girlfriends is available, but he is married to the love of his life.

Despite the fact that the spouse’s name is not disclosed, both couples live their best lives as husband and wife.

We don’t know when the wedding took place, but it is established that he is married.

Furthermore, we can see the pair mentioning them in their Instagram posts.

We can even see Turlough’s pride and their lovely wedding clothes.

Based on the posts, it’s safe to believe they married in 2018.

He wrote about how he met his wife ten years ago and how she altered his life.

He’s been married for 3-4 years and still adores her every day.

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Color

Turlough Convery stands 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs approximately 86 kilograms (recorded during his last movie).

His body has developed to the point that he is obese. His hair is brown, and he has blue eyes.

Turlough Convery – Professional Career

Convery has always been well-liked since his undergraduate days.

His excellent talent allowed him to perform as Diarmuid in episodes 3 and 4 of the Fresh Meat TV series in 2013.

He appeared in two distinct television programs shortly following his debut. He also appears as Liam in My Mad Fat Diary.

Turlough was able to be more expressive on film because of the television series, which fans adored.

Turlough Convery during at work. Source: Ireland Before You Die

Following My Mad Fat Diary, he starred in the film Mind Gamers as Rollo.

Then, after a total of six films and television series, he went on to make his most famous film, Ready Player One.

Following that, he took on the role of Chief Oology Expert. In Poldark, he even played Tom Harry.

He can also be seen in Saint Maud, a 2019 British psychological horror thriller.

Turlough Convery – Social Media Status

Convery does have an Instagram account, which he calls @turlough convery.

He is also on Twitter, where he goes by the handle @TurloughConvery.

We recommend following him on Twitter if you want to keep up with his regular uploads.

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Quick Facts of Turlough Convery

  • Turlough is an Irish Actor, he is known for his good work on different American series and movies.
  • The 36-year-old Irish actor has not played any major roles in the movie industry.
  • But Turlough has given his role the very best from his side and said that he cherishes every moment he has on the stage.
  • He is also part of My Mad Fat Diary as Liam.
  • Turlough, any information about his past girlfriends is not available, but he is married to the love of his life.
  • He posted how he met his spouse ten years ago and how she changed her life.
  • Turlough has been married for over 3-4 years now and still loves her every day.