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What Happened to Badminton Player Kento Momota? Accident And Injury

What Happened to Badminton Player Kento Momota? Accident And Injury

Kento Momota’s accident news has resurfaced while he competes in the Indonesia Open. Let us investigate what occurred to the badminton player. Kento Momota is a well-known Japanese badminton player known for his excellent and persistent play on the court. He has been playing badminton for a long time and has competed in several large competitions.

Yosuke Nakanishi is the left-handed player’s coach.

Momota also entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most badminton men’s singles titles won in a season, with 11 in 2019.

Momota also recently competed at the Indonesia Open 2023, where he faced Angus Ng Ka Long.

Angus defeated Momota in the game by scores of 21-8 and 21-15.

What Happened to Badminton Player Kento Momota?

Kento Momota, a Japanese badminton player, was injured in an accident in January 2020.

On January 13, hours after winning the Malaysia Masters, the van transporting the player to Kuala Lumpur airport collided with the back of a truck.

The driver was murdered, and two Japanese team officials were reportedly injured, according to reports.

Momota was out of commission for a year after that, and people were concerned.

Kento Momota
Kento Momota injured in Malaysian car crash, driver killed. Source: The Straits Times

So, during that time, Momota had a lot of support from the public, and his well-wishers also prayed for him.

Update on Kento Momota’s Injury

Following Kento Momota’s accident in January 2020, he sustained injuries that compelled him to miss a year of court.

Momota, according to reports, had facial injuries in the collision, including skin lacerations and bone fractures.

Kento initially thought he’d be out for two months, but then found he’d need surgery for an eye socket fracture in February of the same year.

His chances of making a comeback at the All England Open in Birmingham in March were shattered by an eye socket fracture that left him with double vision.

Kento was also concerned about how long it would take him to recuperate. Meanwhile, he returned to training in early February.

Momota returned to action after a successful surgery and spoke about his experience.

Momota expressed delight that his vision is as sharp as ever. As a result, he returned to training with his club (NTT East).

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Is Kento Momota Still Playing Badminton?

No, Kento Momota has not retired from competitive badminton.

He is still involved in the sport, having recently competed in the Indonesia Open 2023.

Kento Momota
Kento Momota wins first BWF title since horror car crash. Soyrce: olympics

Meanwhile, his retirement became a matter of discussion in the media following his injury.

In September 2022, he gave an interview to Kimiko Jinnai in which he discussed his struggles.

Momota was asked how he would encourage himself at the time.

After that, his response stunned many fans by implying that his playing career will be cut short because he had turned 28.

Furthermore, Kento did not compete in the Denmark Open 2022 or the French Open 2022, leading some to believe that Momota had retired.

He is, however, still active on the scene and may provide some information shortly.