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Who Was Hazel Mccallion Husband Sam McCallion? Family And Net Worth

Hazel Mccallion

Hazel Mccallion, a Canadian businesswoman, was married to Sam McCallion. Let’s look at her net worth before she died. Hazel Mccallion was a well-known businesswoman who served as the mayor of Ontario from 1978 to 2014. Likewise, she was elected mayor for the first time.

Hazel began her political career in Streetsville, where she mounted a campaign for the office of deputy reeve.

Furthermore, Mccallion has a strong political background, and she set a record when she was elected mayor in 1978, defeating popular incumbent Ron Searle by 3000 votes.

Sam McCallion, Hazel Mccallion’s husband

Aside from her professional job, Hazel Mccallion was also a family man.

In 1951, she married Sam McCallion. Sam worked as both a printer and a photographer.

Hazel Mccallion
Hazel Mccallion cebrating her 100th birthday with her husband. Source: insauga

Sam and Hazel met in 1951 at an Anglican Church congregation in Toronto, and they quickly fell in love and married.

However, there is no information regarding their connection because they both sought to keep it hidden until their wedding.

More than their wedding, the late couple’s wedding gift became the talk of the town when McCallion’s in-laws presented them with a plot of property near the village of Streetsville, Ontario.

Sam and Hazel married in 1951 and moved to Streetsville, Ontario, where they lived for the rest of their lives.

According to her biography, the late politician and her spouse launched The Streetsville Booster in 1964, before beginning their political careers.

Sam died of Alzheimer’s disease in 1997. The couple has been together for nearly 46 years.

Hazel McCallion and her late husband had three children.

As previously stated, the former couple had been married for nearly four decades.

Hazel and Sam had three children throughout their marriage: a daughter named Linda and two sons named Paul and Peter.

Hazel McCallion had two sons and two daughters named Peter McCallion, Paul McCallion, and Linda McCallion.

Erika McCallion is the name of her grandchild. Despite her celebrity, nothing is known about McCallion’s family life.

All of their children may be busy with their occupations, but the specifics of their professional lives are unclear because they have avoided media appearances.

Hazel Mccallion
Hazel McCallion and her well-wishers on the occasion of her birthday. Source: Bydewey

In 1997, the McCallion family suffered a sad loss when their father, Sam, died.

They are currently in grief at the death of their mother, Hazel, who died at her home early on Sunday morning (January 29).

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Net Worth of Hazel McCallion

Hazel McCallion was a millionaire with an affluent Canadian attitude.

McCallion had a net worth of more than $1 million before her death.

McCallion worked for several enterprises, including Kellog cereal, before embarking on his political career.

Furthermore, she made the most of her money via her political career.

She was the mayor of Mississauga, Ontario, for the longest time, serving from 1978 to 2014.

Her fans dubbed her “Hurricane Hazel” because of her forthright political manner on the 1954 Hurricane, which had a significant influence.

Similarly, Hazel held other roles, and her various jobs helped her amass a large wealth.

So there’s no doubt her net worth was in the six figures.

She had previously participated in numerous ice hockey tournaments, which let her earn some money.