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48 Hours The Trial and Verdict of Gregory Bender:

Gregory Bender

Gregory Bender’s trial case has now concluded after 48 hours of police inquiry. In February 2018, the murder of Patrick De La Cerda shocked the town of Deltona, Florida.

The terrifying nature of the case, as well as the participation of Gregory Bender,

the ex-boyfriend of De La Cerda’s fiancée, Jessica Devnani, drew global attention.

The Case of Gregory Bender

Gregory Bender was arrested and charged with the murder of Patrick De La Cerda.

During the trial, which lasted several weeks, the prosecution produced convincing evidence linking Bender to the crime.

Gregory Bender was found guilty of murdering Patrick De La Cerda.

They displayed the handwritten notes discovered in his garbage,

proving a direct link between the murder plot and the crime site.

Jessica Devnani also testified against Bender, revealing his jealousy, threats, and texts aimed at both her and De La Cerda.

Her evidence was critical in determining the reason for the crime.

Bender, Gregory Sentencing and Verdict:

Gregory Bender
Gregory with her boyfriend source: People

The jury pondered for an extended period of time, carefully evaluating the facts given during the trial.

Finally, on July 9, 2023, the jury returned a verdict: Gregory Bender was found guilty of the murder of Patrick De La Cerda.

Bender was condemned to life in jail without the possibility of release by the judge presiding over the case.

The verdict provided a sense of justice and closure to Patrick De La Cerda’s family and friends,

who had suffered tremendous grief and loss as a result of this senseless act of violence.

The 48 Hours Gregory Bender trial and verdict represented the conclusion

of a rigorous investigation into Patrick De La Cerda’s murder.

The evidence, particularly the discovery of the murder plan notes in Bender’s trash, was critical in achieving the conviction.

Justice was served for the victim, his loved ones, and the community

affected by this horrific occurrence with the guilty judgment and subsequent sentencing.

Gregory Bender’s Crime and Investigations

Patrick De La Cerda, 25, was shot four times and killed in an ambush-style attack at his residence on February 27, 2018.

The investigation was undertaken by Detective Chad Weaver of the

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, who initially thought it was a whodunit.

Jessica Devnani was previously married to Gregory Bender, a notable hedge fund manager, for eight years before meeting Patrick De La Cerda.

However, De La Cerda’s fiancée, Jessica Devnani, directed authorities to Gregory Bender,

her jealous ex-boyfriend who had been harassing them with threatening messages for months.

George Bender’s Arrest and Evidence

Gregory Bender
Gregory arrested news source: Youtube

When Bender’s ex-wife, Daymara Sanchez, came forward with incriminating information, Detective Weaver obtained key evidence.

She claimed that she had discovered notes in Bender’s spiral notebook that resembled preparations for De La Cerda’s murder.

Weaver had probable cause to search Bender’s home as a result of the disclosure.

The detailed murder plot included Patrick De La Cernas’ address,

drawings of his home, and directions on how to approach and exit the premises without being seen.

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It leads to the discovery of many handwritten

Pages provide a map of the crime scene as well as instructions on how to hide the crime.

Weaver and his colleagues executed a search warrant at Gregory Bender’s residence on February 28, 2018, armed with this evidence.

At Gregory Bender’s residence, investigators uncovered many handwritten sheets with a map

of the murder spot and instructions on how to conceal the crime in a garbage can.

They recovered a balled-up piece of paper inside the house with a note ordering

someone to turn off cell phones after establishing that the victim was alone.

This critical piece of evidence bolstered the prosecution’s case against Bender.