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Adam Price, Head Teacher, Wife Name: Affair And Scandal

Adam Price

Many people were interested in learning more about the headmaster’s marriage and family after his shocking and hidden romance was uncovered. So, who exactly is Adam Price’s wife?

Adam Price, a married school principal, was apparently caught on CCTV having sexual relations with a female coworker in his office.

Multiple fights broke out at the same time,

And numerous staff members were attacked in school in January 2020.

letters were sent to the school requesting a review of CCTV video. The principal resigned in disgrace.

Many of you may already be aware that the disgraced professor was married.

What is Adam Price’s wife’s name, and how did she respond to his infidelity? Let us find out below.

Adam Price’s wife’s name is

The identity of Northern House School principal Adam Price’s wife has not been revealed.

It is known, however, that the 40-year-old is a married guy.

Adam Price’s wife and family, as well as the headteacher, must have felt betrayed.

It is probable that he has children with his legal partner.

The headmaster’s secret affair not only brought shame on himself and his family.

Adam Price
Adam with his wife source: Twitter

Mr. Price’s actions must have surprised his family.

None of his family members have come forward to express their feelings in the aftermath of the scandal.

As a result, it’s unclear how his wife reacted to the scenario.

Furthermore, it is unknown whether they are still together or have divorced as a result of the occurrence.

In any case, Adam Price’s wife and family must have felt betrayed.

Scandal Involving Adam Price

As previously stated, Adam Price and one of his female coworkers’ heinous deeds were captured on CCTV.

According to the headmaster, the woman and Adam Price spent nearly four hours

together in his office, when they both stripped naked and participated in sexual activity.

Three teachers were attacked and four fights broke out between children while the pair

was away from work at Wolverhampton’s understaffed Northern House School in January 2020.

Adam Price Wife Adam Price’s hidden affair and heinous crimes were revealed in February 2020 after a review of CCTV footage.
Surprisingly, Mr. Price avoided a teaching suspension today and will be allowed to continue in his new career as a senior education consultant,

despite the fact that watchdogs denied his request to remain anonymous and discredited.

Mr. Price was the executive headteacher of the Northern House School Academy

Trust from April 2017 until his suspension and resignation in February 2020.

Adam Price
Adam talking about his scandal source: Youtube

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According to Duncan Tilley,

Who presided over the hearing for the Teaching Regulation Agency in Coventry,

Mr. Price was referred to the TRA on 20 February 2020.

The school was stated to have received two anonymous letters.

Both letters apparently questioned Adam Price’s behavior and the nature of his relationship with the female workers.

One of the letters inquired as to their whereabouts when fighting erupted on January 27, 2020.

This prompted an examination of the day’s security film, which revealed Mr. Price and the female staff’s terrible behavior.

“On the day in question, the panel was informed that there had been three assaults on staff members and four different student conflicts.”

The recommendation paper also said that three regular school staff were missing on that particular day.

The female employees requested more coverage and postponed one employee’s scheduled off-site training.