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Net Worth and Salary

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All About Tariq Nasheed’s Wife, Peanut Nasheed

Peanut Nasheed’s net worth is unavailable.

All About Tariq Nasheed’s Wife, Peanut Nasheed

Tariq Nasheed, an American-born film producer, novelist, and online star, is married to Peanut Nasheed. Peanut Nasheed was once a model. Her given name was Alexis Cobb.

Peanut Nasheed’s Marriage

Peanut Nasheed married her real love, Tariq Nasheed, in 2014.

They dated for many years before marrying.

They have four beautiful children: three sons, Mateo, TJ, and Asir Nasheed, and one daughter, Amira.

Their daughter, Amira, was born in 2022.

Peanut Nasheed is with her husband. Source: Married Wiki

During a relationship podcast, Nasheed stated that most relationships are about nonverbal communication and that they are built on nonverbal communication, claiming that he and his wife do not communicate but have an excellent vibe.

They can be in the same room without saying anything and still connect because their chemistry is there, and that, according to him, is what a relationship is all about.

Facts of Peanut Nasheed

Full Name Peanut Nasheed
First Name Peanut
Last Name Nasheed
Birth Name Alexis Cobb
Other Name Lexie
Profession former model
Nationality American
Ethnicity mixed
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Capricorn
Marital Status Married
Spouse Tariq Nasheed
No Of Children 4
Date of Birth December 30
Married Date 2014

Peanut Nasheed’s monetary value

Peanut Nasheed’s net worth has yet to be determined. The net worth of her husband is still unclear.

Peanut Nasheed was once a model. Source: Articlebio

Her husband’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Her husband’s career as a filmmaker, as well as the popularity of his documentary series Hidden Colors

Nasheed began his career as a rapper, then as a dating coach known as K-Flex, before transitioning to documentary filmmaking.

Nasheed’s mother grew up watching activist H. Rap Brown and the Black Panthers, so she would tell him stories about the Detroit protests at the time, but he was too young to understand.

When he went to Birmingham, Alabama, later in his adolescence, he did not enjoy the extreme systemic racism, so he left and relocated to Southcentral, Los Angeles, but he found no improvement there either.

It encouraged him to pursue his objective of combating racism and creating a fair society.

Dr. Frances Cress’s Isis Papers inspired and encouraged him to make a film.

When he was on vacation in Sydney in 2010, he didn’t find any evidence of Aboriginals, and indigenous people enquired about it with locals, who were unresponsive.

Their acts also encouraged him to develop a project that would have an impact on hidden history, which led to the development of the most popular black history documentary series, “Hidden Colors,” a series on black history and white supremacy.

He paid for the series using his own money.

The series, according to Nasheed, was about two and a half hours long, and they expected a standing ovation, but the movie took off, becoming the best-selling black history series of all time.

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Peanut Nasheed’s husband’s childhood and early career

Peanut Nasheed’s husband was born in Detroit, Michigan, but grew up in Birmingham, Alabama.

He left Birmingham around the age of seventeen and came to Los Angeles on his own, leaving everything behind.

Nasheed claims he flew to Los Angeles with only $100 in his pocket to pursue a career as a rap music producer.

He began working in small studios in the hopes of becoming a hip-hop music producer.

Peanut Nasheed is with her family members. Source: Biography Mask


Aside from that, he dabbled in a number of other businesses, including a modest vehicle rental company and other side hustles.

He stated that he will conduct a study on dating and relationships by traveling around Los Angeles and other cities around the world and seeing how people interact in various settings.

He became fascinated by it and decided to learn more about the game’s art.

He’d study all the books and offer relationship advice, combining what he learned from the books with what he learned from the players, and then they’d fuse and he’d begin as a game adviser.