Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary


Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman’s Net Worth is $1.6 billion.

Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman- Biography

Bill Ackman currently runs Pershing Square Capital Management as a founder and CEO.

Bill Ackman’s Net Worth & Salary

Bill Ackman is a huge investor who works with billions of money every day. His net worth is projected to be over $1.09 billion in 2018, according to Forbes. He earns money from his investments and stock markets. This price climbed to $1.6 billion net worth in 2021.

Bill Ackman
William Albert Ackman posing for a picture. Source: Markets insider

Facts of William Albert Ackman

Bill Ackman’s Bio

Bill Ackman is a well-known figure in the business world. He is a philanthropist, investor, and hedge fund manager. He is the founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management.

Bill is known as a contrarian investor, but he considers himself an activist investor.

Bill Ackman’s Birth, Parents & Education

Bill Ackman was born in Chappaqua, New York on May 11, 1966, as William Albert Ackman. He is Ronnie l. Posner’s and Lawrence David Ackman’s son.

Lawrence is the chairman of Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group, a New York-based real estate financing firm.

Furthermore, little is known about his siblings. Bill is of Caucasian ethnicity and holds American citizenship. Furthermore, he adheres to the Christian faith.

When it comes to his educational credentials, little is known regarding his high school background. He did, however, attend Harvard College and get a Magna cum Claude degree in history. He then attended Harvard Business School, where he earned an MBA in 1992.

Bill Ackman’s Height & Weight

He has kept his body fit and healthy, standing at 1.8 meters and weighing roughly 75 kg.

Furthermore, his lovely green eyes and silver hair represent his wonderful personality. He was born under the sign of Taurus.

Bill Ackman’s Wife

The public is unaware of Bill’s dating life prior to his first marriage. On July 10, 1994, he married Karen Ann Herskovitz. Karen is a landscape designer. The couple is the parents of three children.

The pair, however, split in December of 2016. He later met Neri Oxman, an MIT Media Lab professor, and proposed to her in 2018. The couple tied the knot in January of 2019. They are parents to a child.

Bill Ackman’s Career

Bill began his investing career in 1992, when he co-founded Gotham Partners with David P. Berkowitz. This firm was in charge of investing in tiny publicly traded companies.

Similarly, Bill joined Leucadia National, an insurance and real estate firm, and bid for Rockefeller Center, a Midtown Manhattan complex. They did not win the transaction; nonetheless, Bill benefitted from this cooperation and bidding since people recognized his firm Gotham Partners.

Bill created a company named Pershing Square Capital Management in 2004 with $54 million investments himself and some from Leucadia National, his previous business partner.

The very next year, he bought a large amount of equity in the fast-food business Wendy’s International. Furthermore, he reportedly urged the people of the company to sell it to Tim Hortons doughnut chain.

Later, he sold his shares with profit, which prompted a slump in the stock price. In 2007, he acquired a 10 percent investment in Target Corporation, and three years later, he held a 38 percent share in Borders Group.

Later in 2012, Pershing Square Capital Management created Pershing Square Holdings, a closed-end fund. This fund was able to raise $3 billion on the stock market. Bill then started to buy shares of J.C. Penney in 2010. However, he got into an altercation with certain board members of the corporation and resigned the post.

In August of 2013, Pershing Square said they hired Citigroup to liquidate 39.1 million shares. Ackman became one of the world’s top 20 hedge fund managers selected by LCH Investments in January of 2015. He was named after the company Pershing Square produced $4.5 billion in net returns for investors a year before.

During the coronavirus outbreak, he transformed the $27 million bet into a $2.6 billion gain. Although the stock markets were going down owing to the economic slump, he generated large profits through credit protection on investment-grade and high-yield bond indices.

Bill Ackman’s Charitable Work

Ackman provided $6.8 million to the Center for Jewish History. This was one of the 3 most considerable contributions the Center for Jewish History ever received.

Furthermore, Bill also gave roughly $1.1 million to the Innocence Project. He gave the same amount to Centurion Ministries as well.

He is a kind individual who has resolved to contribute 50 percent of his wealth to charity. His firm Pershing Square Foundation consequently distributes money to Planned Parenthood.

Bill Ackman’s Social Media

Bill Ackman is not particularly active on social media. @BillAckman is his Twitter handle.

On Twitter, he has over 61.2k followers. He doesn’t have a profile on Instagram. His fund’s website is

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Quick Facts of Bill Ackman

  • Bill Ackman sold his shares with profit, which caused a collapse in the stock price.
  • Bill then started to buy shares of J.C. Penney in 2010.
  • Ackman became one of the world’s top 20 hedge fund managers named by LCH Investments in January of 2015.
  • He was named after the company Pershing Square delivered $4.5 billion in net gains for investors a year before.
  • His net worth is estimated to be around $1.09 billion in 2018, according to Forbes.

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