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Brandon Nguyen, a 24-year-old Brian Ward suspect

Brandon Nguyen

Brandon Nguyen, a young man from DC, just made headlines in November 2022. Nguyen’s arrest and second-degree murder charges spread like wildfire across the United States. Mr. Nguyen was arrested by DC authorities for his role in the murder of a teen.

On November 20, 2022, he was charged with second-degree murder.

Second-degree murder is typically a crime committed with evil and spiteful purpose, except that it is not planned.

Please bear with us as we explain why the suspect was detained and charged with murder.

was arrested for the murder of a DC teen named Brian Ward.

He was apprehended nearly two years after Ward was murdered.

Brian Ward was assassinated in 2020.

DC Teen Brian Ward was murdered in 2020 by a suspect called Brandon Nguyen.

Ward was last seen getting into a car in September 2020, according to DC Police reports.

His last known whereabouts is near his Petworth house.

Unfortunately, the boy stayed missing for at least a year and a half before his remains were

discovered in December 2021. Ward’s body, aged 17, was discovered discarded in Laurel, Maryland.

Nguyen, the murder suspect in the death of Brian Ward, was apprehended on Monday, November 2022

Brandon Nguyen
Brandon’s weapon source: People

As previously stated, Nguyen was armed in the death of a DC teen. Ward, also, was seventeen years old when he died.

Ward was slain in a confrontational encounter on Allison Street, NW on September 29, 2020, according to the relevant authority’s report.

However, no shooting victims were discovered at the time by security officers. According to officers:

We didn’t find the victim’s body at the time of the shooting.

Brandon Nguyen
Police in Brandon’s crime scene source: Youtube

Ward was shot multiple times, according to the postmortem report, and the cause of death was significant blood loss.

Ward’s family regrettably hosted his 18th birthday in 2021 despite his absence.

His family wore T-shirts that said “We miss you.”

Yes, Ward was still labeled missing because his body had not been found when his parents celebrated his birthday.

Ward’s family remained hopeful that he would come home safely

until they discovered his body. Regrettably, his remains were discovered only in December 2021.

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Brandon Nguyen is accused of second-degree murder.

Brandon Nguyen
Brandon arrest news source: Youtube

Brandon Nguyen, the prime suspect, was charged with the second-degree murder of Brian Ward,

a 17-year-old adolescent. The charge was issued shortly after his arrest in November 2022.

Nguyen was apprehended almost two years after Ward was murdered.

Brian Ward was missing before his remains were discovered in 2021.

In addition, under the Sentencing Reform Emergency Amendment Act of 2000, the primary suspect was charged with second-degree murder.

Similarly, if convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison.

According to the authorities, Nguyen’s actions plainly constituted second-degree murder.

Ward was assassinated on Allison Street, NW. Ward’s murder was not planned, yet it was horrific, since he was shot numerous times.