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Brickz Arrest News: Is He Still Imprisoned? What happened to him?


Several headlines about the charges and arrest erupted on the internet as soon as the Brickz Arrest News broke. Sipho Ndlovu, also known as Brickz, is a prominent Kwaito musician who has improved the genre with his hit songs. Tjovitjosang and Sweety My Baby are among them. Despite his enormous musical talent, the acclaimed musician.

Kwaito artist is best known for being sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2013 for raping his niece.

He began his professional career by singing in gospel choirs before joining his first music band, Half Brickz because he was the youngest member.

He had worked with DJ Cleo’s label, Will Street Productions, before signing with Ghetto Ruff Records.

Brikz was arrested for what reason?

In 2017, Brickz was convicted of raping a 17-year-old relative and sentenced to 15 years in jail.

“NtsikiMazwaiMedia on Twitter: “I was also raped by Brickz”. Source: twitter

According to Singabakho Nxumalo, a correctional service spokeswoman, the image is vintage, and someone decided to trend it to spread false information.

“Brickz remains behind bars,” officials said in a statement. An old social media photograph is being utilized to spread incorrect information.”

According to the guidelines, the perpetrator must spend the least amount of time possible, and since the correctional services act, it is generally known that he still must.

Inmates are reviewed for parole in the same way, regardless of their level of public visibility.

Brickz Arrest News: Is He Still Imprisoned?

Brickz is still in jail, according to News 24.

He gained popularity on social media after a Twitter user shared a video of the disgraced singer singing in jail.

His niece accused him of raping her in 2013 at his Northgate rented home.

As a result, he was accused in court and sentenced to 15 years in prison for the crime.

Officials have acknowledged that, according to some sources, it was a terrible publicity stunt.

Speculation about his release arose on the internet after he began trending recently after someone tweeted a picture of him with DJ Cleo with a caption implying that he had been released from jail.

Later, some South Africans were outraged, while others welcomed the ‘false news.’

Before going to jail, he divorced his wife.

Brikz, where is he now?

Sipho Ndlovu, also known as Brickz, has been serving a rape sentence since 2013.

The Kwaito master is currently incarcerated at the Krugersdorp Correctional Services facility in South Africa.

Brickz reportedly released after serving only four years of his 15-years sentence. Source: savannanews

Authorities in Singabakho indicated that the law for parole consideration of offenders is the same regardless of social status.

Face Brick, a Kwaito album with some reggae flavor, was released in 2005 by a Kwaito artist.

The record was inspired in part by happenings in his life, such as his love life and local occurrences.

Brigade Records is owned by the singer. Kwaito musician also joined TS Records, which is owned by another former Cleo pupil.