Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary


Tishaura Jones

Who is Tishaura Jones? Tishaura Jones is the 47th mayor of St. Louis, Missouri, and has been in office since April 2021. Tishaura Jones created history by being the first African-American woman elected mayor of St. Louis. Tishaura Jones –…

Rachel Hundley

Who is Rachel Hundley? Rachel Hundley is the Mayor of Sonoma City, California. Rachel Hundley announced her resignation as mayor of the city. She soon received an email with a link. It implies that she is unwilling to accept responsibility….

Samir Kumar

Who is Samir Kumar? Samir Kumar is a former mayor of Muzaffarpur in Bihar, India. He is also a well-known property trader in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, Samir Kumar and his driver Rakesh Kumar Singh were both shot and killed. Kumar-Birth,…