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Charla Nash Has Face Surgery?

Charla Nash

After a Chimp ripped her face off, Charla Nash underwent facial surgery. Charla Nash was assaulted by friend Sandra Herold’s pet chimp Travis, who gouged out her eyes while biting off her hands and face.

Nash is still healing from the incident, and since the heinous attack, conversations about having exotic animals have grown in popularity.

Charla Nash Has Face Surgery?

Yes, Charla Nash underwent facial surgery following the heinous incident.

she underwent a 20-hour operation in May to restore her torn-off hands and give her a new face.

On February 16, 2009, tragedy struck when Travis the Chimp, a chimp who had

gained in popularity around the country, ruthlessly attacked Charla Nash, his owner’s close friend.

Travis was slain and Nash was disfigured in the attack, which was the result of Travis’ increasingly unstable behavior.

Travis Nash has known Charla Nash since he was a toddler, yet he assaulted her in 2009.

Sandra Herold’s helpless sobs during the 911 call, in which she tells how her

beloved chimp is “eating” her friend’s face, or the ape’s frenzied screams, are both horrific.

According to the Daily Star, Sandra is heard imploring authorities to come to her house promptly to shoot Travis,

the animal she had raised as her own son for the last 14 years, for an excruciating 12 minutes.

Despite the fact that the cops arrived, Travis was killed. Charla Nash, his victim,

amazingly survived, but in many ways, her life ended abruptly that day as well.

Charla Nash
Charla before and after chimp attack source: Youtube

Travis The Chimp: Who Was He?

He launched an attack. The chimp, Charla Nash Travis, was a well-known and well-liked animal performer in his Connecticut area.

When he violently beat Charla Nash one day in 2009, he nearly tore her face off.

Travis’ “mom,” Sandra, had asked a friend, Charla, to pop by and help put the spoilt monkey in his enclosure.

Surprisingly, he snapped and attacked her, biting off her hands and face.

Travis tore off her nose and eyelids in a terrifying display of primordial strength.

He nearly severed one of her arms, scalped her, gouged out and ate one of her eyes, and completely chewed off one of her hands.

Her brain had been harmed, and her jaw had become completely detached from her skull.

Travis, a well-known local character who enjoyed eating lobster at restaurants, owning a cat,

and riding a lawnmower, is still unknown what drove him to lose it that particular day.

Due to Charla’s horrific injuries, Sandra was the only one who could establish the exact cause of the attack.

Travis allegedly approached Charla aggressively before rearing up on his hind legs and launching the brutal assault,

which included forcing Charla against the side of her car and gorging on her face and hands.

Sandra struck him over the head with a shovel and stabbed him in the

back with a carving knife in a desperate attempt to stop him, which momentarily helped.

He turned back and stared at her just before she ran for her life and locked herself in her car.

Charla Nash
Charla in interview source: People

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Sandra had given Travis an anti-anxiety medication tablet.

Sandra later admitted to giving him a dose of the powerful anti-anxiety medicine Xanax in his morning cup of tea when she noticed he was “agitated.”

She went on to say that Charla’s unusual haircut was the reason he acted so viciously.

However, it’s possible that the 200-pound ape’s instincts had become too strong by the age of 14,

or that he was simply weary of living an unnatural life that included cooking his own microwave meals,

sipping wine for dinner, and using the lavatory-like a human.

Sandra paid $50,000 to a breeder for an infant chimp named Travis, whom she had cared for since he was three days old.