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Charlene Felicity Mathews, Mnisi’s widow, was killed by police.

Charlene Felicity Mathews, Mnisi’s widow, was killed by police.

Charlene Felicity Mathews, Chief Clyde Mnisi’s widow, was cruelly shot and died at her home. A shooter shot and killed the wife of a murdered Mpumalanga chief last week.

Charlene Felicity Mathews, 30, was shot

and died two days after her husband was put to rest,

according to Police in Mpumalanga, at around 1.10 a.m. on Tuesday in Calcutta, Bushbuckridge.

The horrific and callous shooting death of Charlene Felicity Mathews,

the widow of suspected rhino poaching mastermind Chief Clyde Mnisi, has shocked and saddened many.

Charlene’s death is a terrible reminder of the perils that individuals

fighting rhino poaching and the criminal networks that support it confront.

Charlene Felicity Mathews: Who Was She?

Charlene Felicity Mathews was the widow of Chief Clyde Mnisi,

who was accused of rhino poaching in South Africa’s Mpumalanga area.

Charlene Felicity Mathews, wife of the late Chief Clyde Mnisi (left), was reportedly shot and died on April 4, 2023. 

Mathews grew up in South Africa and was married to Mnisi for several years before his death.

Mathews, according to accounts, was a dedicated wife and mother who remained by

Mnisi through thick and bad. She was well-liked in the community and was known for her generous personality.

Many people were startled and grieved to learn of Charlene’s passing,

and tributes from friends, family, and the wider community poured in.

The police investigation into the fatal shooting of Charlene Felicity Mathews, the widow of alleged rhino poaching kingpin Chief Clyde Mnisi, is still underway.

What Happened When Mnisi’s Wife Was Shot By Cops?

Charlene Felicity Mathew
Charlene Felicity with her husband source: Youtube

Mathews was killed slain in her house by police just days after Chief Mnisi was buried.

Charlene Felicity Mathews, 30, was slain in her lounge, according to a tweet from SA Breaking News.

The shooting happened in the late chief’s neighborhood in Calcutta, Mpumalanga province.

Police were rushed to the scene after allegations of a shooting, according to Police spokesperson Brig Selvy Mohlala.

When they arrived, they discovered Mathews with several gunshot wounds to the head.

Two male family members were also shot and taken to the hospital for treatment.

Unfortunately, the paramedics that arrived at the scene pronounced Mathews dead.

According to police spokesperson Brig Selvy Mohlala, preliminary investigations revealed that

armed suspects entered the couple’s home and opened fire on Charlene and two male family members.

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Possible Reasons for the Shooting

Charlene Felicity Mathew
Charlene’s husband death news source: Youtube

The shooting’s motive is unknown, and investigations are ongoing.

However, given the recent tragic murder of Chief Clyde Mnisi, who was allegedly involved in rhino poaching,

some suspect that his widow’s shooting may be linked to his alleged criminal activities.

Mnisi was on bail at the time of his murder, facing various allegations

relating to rhino poaching, including racketeering, theft, fraud, and money laundering.

Others have theorized that the shooting may have been motivated by a

power struggle within the community, as Mnisi was a well-known and respected Leader in the area.

It’s also probable that the shooting was intended to target Charlene

because of her supposed involvement in her late husband’s illicit operations.

However, these are all just conjectures, and the police have not revealed any formal information on the likely motive for the shooting.