Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary


Cheryl Hunter

Cheryl Hunter’s Net Worth is $ 5 Million.

Cheryl Hunter

Who is Cheryl Hunter?

Cheryl Hunter is an aspiring and emerging name in the field of writing; to date, she has written two master blaster books, both of which were best-sellers. Cheryl Hunter is a well-known Ted Talk speaker, a survivor of rape, and a motivational speaker.

Following her appearance on the Dr. Phil show on August 29, 2020, she has become a viral internet sensation.

After this, people are searching for her and want to know everything about her.

Cheryl Hunter- Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Cheryl Hunter was born in the Colorado mountains to anonymous parents and siblings; she is a member of the cowboy community.

This girl ran away from her home with no money, and a few articles of clothing, and her eyes are full of dreams in order to pursue the dreams.

While she was starving and searching for the path to her dreams, two men approached her and kidnapped her with the false promise of making her a model.

The next thing that occurred was that she was brutally raped by those men and then abandoned on the road to die alone.

Net Worth of Cheryl Hunter? Salary, Earning

Cheryl Hunter’s Net Worth is US$ 5 Million.

Relationship, Married life, Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Cheryl Hunter’s Relationship is unavailable.

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Color

Cheryl Hunter stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches (175 centimeters) in height.

She possesses a pair of hazel eyes, blonde hair that is naturally straight, and fair, smooth skin.

She weighs approximately 55 kilograms (121 pounds) and has maintained a diet low in calories but high in nutrients.

She has maintained an incredible hourglass figure measuring approximately 34-28-34.

She enjoys wearing flowy and body-con dresses because they flatter her figure and bring out the best in her.

Moreover, she has a sweet tooth and cannot say no to sweets and sugar, but she controls her sugar intake in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga is her preferred method for keeping her body, soul, and mind under control and at peace.

Cheryl Hunter- Professional Career

Hunter’s book, “Use It: Turn Setback into Success,” is “Use It: Turn Setback into Success.”

How to Get Unstuck: 7 Steps to Bounce Forward When Life Knocks You Down was the title of her second book, which was released on the market on March 19, 2016, and also became a best seller.

Cheryl endured a traumatic adolescence in which she was kidnapped by two men.

They convinced her that she would become a model if she accompanied them.

Later, at the age of eighteen, these two men raped her and abandoned her on the road to die alone.

Before becoming a best-selling author, Cheryl worked at a variety of jobs to make a living.

She served as a Program Leader in Los Angeles from 1998 to 2005, during which time she was responsible for the needs of individual clients.

By the time Hunter was 23 years old, she had covered more than seven countries and was a Coca-Cola cover face.

Therefore, we can say that she became a model, as she had always desired since childhood.

As a performance coach, she shifted to Sarano Kelley & Associates in 2006.

There, she was tasked with the recruitment, training, and development of the coaching staff; she worked there for one year before leaving the organization in 2007.

In the same year, she worked at Rubicon Results Institute in addition to another job.

There, she was collaborating on the development of a curriculum that would assist individuals in discovering their life’s purpose.

In addition, she enabled them to accomplish what was most important to them.

She joined a prestigious organization called Business Edge International, where she served for one year as Executive Coaching Staff Development before being promoted to the position of Senior Executive Coach.

She subsequently joined Landmark Education, where she held the position of designated seminar leader.

She worked diligently for more than a decade at this company.

She became a TEDx Speaker as a result of her perseverance, commitment, and enthusiasm.

During this tour, she performed in cities such as Santa Monica, Pasadena, America, Irvine Change, and others.

This author’s Instagram debut occurred on May 19, 2013, when she posted a variety of mustaches every week.

We can say that she is a mustache enthusiast who may prefer her partner to have one.

Cheryl is a widely recognized and well-known YouTuber.

Her most-viewed video is a critique of the first book she ever wrote.

She has more than 2,1900 subscribers from all over the world.

This courageous woman is the author of two best-selling books: “Use It: Turn Setback into Success” and “How to Get Unstuck: 7 Steps to Bounce Forward When Life Knocks You Down.”

In her first book, she discussed how to become the hero of your own life, jotting down the tragedies of life in a humorous manner to create a light-hearted but life-changing read.

Cheryl Hunter
Cheryl riding a horse. Source: Instagram

Social Media

Hunter’s Instagram account is @huntercheryl with 75.2K Followers.

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Quick Facts of Cheryl Hunter

  •  Cheryl’s hard work and dedication with all her passion, became a TEDx Speaker.
  • Hunter is Profession Author, YouTuber, and TEDx speaker.
  • Hunter made her debut on Instagram on 19th May 2013, where she posted mustaches of all kinds a week’s posts.
  • Her most-watched video is about the review of the first book that she ever wrote.
  • she is being subscribed by more than 2.19k people all over the world.
  • She is really loved by all her fans across the globe as she has more than 53.1k followers on her Instagram and more than 14k followers on Twitter.
  • Cheryl is really close to her grandmom but there is no such information about the name of her grandmother.