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Christina Manning Husband: Who Is John Zloty? Family And Net Worth

Christina Manning Husband: Who Is John Zloty? Family And Net Worth

Fans are intrigued about Christina Manning Husband after he recently announced their wedding. Continue reading to learn about John Zloty, what he does, and their family. Christina Manning, 38, is a television personality. Christina and her twin sister Jessica are known as psychic twins since they claim they don’t need to talk to each other in order to conduct conversations.

She is a love coach and co-stars with Jessica in the second season of Extreme Sisters.

She is also a writer, having published a book on using Reiki to charge your food. Jessica is her co-author.

Her current surge to fame stems from her Instagram marriage and pregnancy announcements.

Her followers reacted positively to the news after watching her on the second season of Extreme Sisters.

Meet Christina Manning Husband, John Zloty

Christina Manning and John Zloty are set to marry on August 14, 2021.

The pair did not declare their marriage until January 6, 2023, which is why they are making news now.

Christina Manning
Christina Manning with her husband, John Zloty. Source: Instagram

In contrast to Christina, John appears to be reserved when it comes to discussing his personal life.

As a result, his Instagram account is littered with photos of the happy couple and his workout routines.

To say John is a fitness nut is an understatement.

Some sources indicate he works as a Sonar Technician for the United States Navy, however, this has yet to be substantiated.

However, he has been unusually reticent about his personal life, including his family and siblings.

We don’t know when he was born, but he has confirmed that he is from Indiana.

For the time being, his early life is shrouded in mystery. The couple is currently expecting their first child together.

Christina Manning’s Family and Children

Christina Manning was raised by a single mother, and she never mentions her father.

According to some accounts, her parents have been divorced for a long time, but the television personality has yet to acknowledge this.

Christina’s mother died of cancer, and in 2020, she posted on Instagram to wish her late mother a happy birthday.

Jessica Dunagan is Christina’s twin sister. The two had a tight relationship and were featured on Extreme Sisters.

Christina has two children from a previous relationship with Tristan Manning, Maddox and Maelyn.

Christina Manning
Christina with her son Maddox and daughter Maelyn on Christmas morning. Source: Instagram

She and her sister were both pregnant at the same time.

Both would have had two children, but Jessica miscarried and had only one child.

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Christina Manning Net Worth In 2023

Christina Manning’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $400,000.

This large income stems from her years working on the Internet and television, where she worked on numerous projects.

According to sources, she and her sister Jessica earn $10,000 to $30,000 per episode of “Extreme Sisters.”

Her lengthy tenure on Extreme Sisters has paved the way for her money and recognition.

Not only that a chunk of her fortune is derived through cameo films in which she provides a “psychic” reading for a fee.

She charges $29.9 for a single video and is likely to charge extra for a video with her sister, which they dub “Twin Reading,” according to their website.

Her professional television and online ventures have significantly increased her total wealth.

Following the second season of Extreme Sisters, her net worth is expected to climb.