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Cyan Boujee Leaked Video: Accuses Prince Kaybee

Cyan Boujee Leaked Video: Accuses Prince Kaybee

This article is about Cyan Boujee’s released video. Cyan Boujee is a South African YouTuber, content producer, influencer, business owner, and philanthropist.

She is well-known for creating engaging and appealing video material.

Cyan Boujee began her YouTube career in 2019.

In December of this year, she released her first video.

She began making movies about makeup and other fashion-related topics.

She then began filming films about her personal life, in which she gave her followers insights into her personal life.

Aside from that, she has a sizable fan base, with 12.4 million TikTok likes.

Cyan now considers herself a brand influencer.

She has backed a few products during the last five years.

She promotes the Reaching Out Foundation on her new Instagram account,

which she set up when her old official account was hijacked.

She founded this organization to help her country’s less fortunate residents.

Stay tuned till the end to learn more about Cyan Boujee’s leaked video and other details.

Cyan boujee’s Video Was Leaked

Prince Kaybee has acquired prominence as a result of Cyan Boujee’s claims of allegedly releasing their private footage.

Cyan Boujee Leaked Video has piqued the interest of internet users.

The feisty club hostess responded on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, after her video went viral on social media.

After incorrectly measuring social media trends, Prince Kaybee resorted to Twitter to discuss his work while disregarding the uproar.

Cyan Boujee
Boujee leaked video source: Twitter

Cyan Boujee, a social media sensation,

allegedly accused award-winning dance music singer Prince Kaybee

of leaking the widely circulated obscene clip online in response to the leak of her sex tape.

According to an unsubstantiated screenshot circulating on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon,

a post on Cyan Boujee’s Instagram Stories accuses Prince Kaybee of leaking the information.

The top-left green icon on the screenshot post indicates that, if real, it was shared with her Cyan’s Close Friends list.

This suggests that she was likely close to the person who leaked the material.

She claims Prince Kaybee leaked her tape.

Prince Kaybee got to the top of the Mzansi Twitter trends following Cyan Boujee’s claim that he had leaked their film.

Fans have been poring through the timeline, looking for

evidence linking Prince Kaybee to the video. She promised to be there in a few minutes.

Best wishes, Prince Kaybee. Her sole concern is that her n****s will all dump her, one of whom will undoubtedly be him.

Since then, Twitter users have reacted in great numbers to the alleged screenshot,

sending “Cyan” and “Prince Kaybee” to the top of the list of local trends.

Cyan Boujee accuses Prince Kaybee of leaking their saucy video: “It’s definitely him.”

Prince Kaybee torturing Cyan after partaking in revenge porn for himself is insane, tweeted @tamia21314.

Following Cyan Boujee’s shots at Prince Kaybee, social media users anticipated his response with bated breath.

When the thorny media figure accused the star of sharing their video, the star found himself suddenly on social media.

Cyan Boujee stated on her Instagram page after the video went

viral that the Gugulethu hitmaker was the one who released it on the internet.

Cyan Boujee
Cyan and kaybee video news source: Youtube

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Cyan boujee’s Dating Life & Boyfriend

Before falling in love with Bamzy Riches, Cyan Boujee was in another relationship.

She previously dated DJ Maphorisa, with whom she had a previous intimate relationship.

She had a falling out with her other ex-boyfriend, Beverly Tihako,

over her relationship with DJ Maphorisa. In the meantime, she made touch with Pro, a Graphic Designer.

Her most recent altercation with her new boyfriend Bamzy Riches sparked controversy.

Following the struggle, the public learned that Bamzy Riches

had unprotected sexual contact with her, which resulted in her becoming pregnant.

She also claimed that having children with Bamzy Riches was impossible due to a miscarriage.