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Duff Goldman Arm Tattoo Meaning, Design, and Family Ethnicity

Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman is a pastry chef, cookbook author, and TV personality. Many individuals, notably Duff Goldman’s devoted fans and social media followers, have remarked on his liberal use of tattoos. Goldman is the Executive Chef of two bakeries, Charm City Cakes West in Los Angeles and Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, both of which have participated on Food Network reality shows such as Ace of Cakes and Duff Till Dawn.

Duff was four years old when his mother discovered him in the kitchen, watching Chef Tell while brandishing a butcher cleaver.

Family Of Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman was born in Detroit, Michigan to a Jewish family.

Duff’s parents split when he was just eight years old, in 1984.

Duff Goldman
Duff Goldman Gushes Over Wife Johnna and Their Life ‘Out in the Woods’. Source: people

Following his parents’ divorce, Goldman resided in both Northern Virginia and Sandwich, Massachusetts.

The Chef does, however, have a brother named Willie Goldman.

Goldman got the moniker Duff when he was a baby because his toddler brother, Willie, couldn’t pronounce Jeffrey and started saying Duffy instead.

Duff is also happily married to Johnna Colbry. The couple married on April 2, 2018, and they had a lovely daughter named Josephine Frances Goldman.

Meaning And Design Of Duff Goldman Arm Tattoo

Duff Goldman, who went on to become a well-known baker, has a “whisk” tattoo on his left bicep.

On social media, he posted a photo of his biceps with the tattoo.

Duff explains in an interview that the tattoo helps him respond to those who don’t accept him as a cake decorator and maker.

He also got a “maple leaf” tattoo on his arm for losing a wager on a hockey game between the United States and Canada at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

He also has a “waffle tattoo” beneath his right elbow as a result of losing a children’s television program challenge.

Duff adores being tattooed and just had a fresh pattern carved immediately beneath his waffle tattoo.

This time, his name’s Hebrew meaning was “Avashalom.”

Its literal translation is “Bringer of Peace.” After Duff shared this on Twitter, fans replied that “the Duff Goldman cakes do bring peace.”

Duff Goldman
Duff Goldman’s back tattoo. Source: mediaite

Goldman’s first tattoo was “The Little Prince,” a story he heard from his mother as a child, and it serves as a memory of his youth.

Furthermore, he writes in his social media post that his mother was enraged at him for doing this.

Duff got a “unicorn” tattoo at the request of a little Kids Baking Championship fan.

The youngsters thought it was fascinating to look at.

The kids are now pleading with Daddy to get a taco tattoo.

He’s pledged, therefore that’s the end of it. Fans are waiting to see when he will finish it.

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 Duff  Goldman Religion and Ethnicity

Duff Goldman practices Judaism since he was born into a Jewish family.

Other information regarding his beliefs, however, was not available on the internet.

Similarly, the Chef appears to be a little discreet about his background, since he has not stated his ethnicity anywhere on the internet.