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Net Worth and Salary

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Who is Elaine Andriejanssen?

Elaine Andriejanssen is an Indonesian-Chinese celebrity. Elaine Andriejanssen is well-known as the wife of her renowned husband, Eduardo Saverin, a Brazilian entrepreneur and angel investor. Eduardo rose to prominence as a Facebook co-founder.

In addition, the couple has a child. Similarly, the pair has an amazing net worth of $10.7 billion.

What is the net worth of Elaine Andriejanssen?

Elaine Andriejanssen has a net worth of $10.7 billion. Elaine Andreijanssen, the millionaire husband’s wife, makes a good living from her business.

She also keeps her financial independence by working as a Quantitative Research Analyst at Franklin investments.

Her family business in Singapore contributes significantly to her net worth.

Furthermore, her spouse, Eduardo Saverin, has a net worth of approximately $10.7 billion.

Furthermore, one of his portfolio firms, Jumio, made $10 billion in revenue in 2018.

The pair lives in a 5000-square-foot penthouse home at The Orchard Residences and enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

Eduardo had 53 million Facebook shares (about 2% of all outstanding shares) in 2012, worth around $2 billion at the time.

He also invested in early-stage firms including Qwiki and Jumio.

Elaine Andriejanssen
Elaine Andriejanssen photo Source: Hollywood Zam

Elaine Andriejanssen: Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Elaine Andriejanssen was born into a middle-class family and grew up in a typical environment.

She has not, however, revealed any details about her family or childhood.

She also hails from a family that owns multiple enterprises in Indonesia, according to sources.

Furthermore, she attended Raffle Girl’s Institution, an independent girls’ school, for her high school education.

Later, in her early thirties, she enrolled in Tufts University in Massachusetts, United States, for her graduation.

Furthermore, she was exceptionally bright in her studies and eager to discuss anything, including complex serious business and economic issues.

She also pursued her family’s company in Singapore.

As a result, she navigated the intricate critical economic and business challenges.

Elaine Andriejanssen: Married or Not

Elaine is married to her famous husband, Eduardo Saverin, who is one of the founders of Facebook.

Saverin is also known for being an investor in a number of start-up businesses.

Furthermore, the couple first met in high school. Later, they were linked to Massachusetts, in the United States, where they were both pursuing different majors.

Following that, the couple began dating and eventually became life partners.

Eduardo is a Brazilian national who immigrated to the United States in 1992 and earned US citizenship in 1998.

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Elaine Andriejanssen: Love Proposal

Elaine’s boyfriend Saverin proposed to her on March 27, 2014, after they had been together for a long time.

Later, the couple held their engagement party at The Mulia Resort & Villas in Bali, a luxury resort. Eduardo posted on Facebook on March 28th that;

Yes, she said!!! I’ve proposed to the love of my life. I’m looking forward to a life filled of adventure, happiness, and good health.

After their engagement, the pair celebrated for a year together. Finally, on June 27, 2015, the pair married in a small ceremony on the French Riviera.

Following their marriage, her spouse Saverin uploaded a photo of himself with his bride with the caption:

“I am overjoyed and grateful to have married the love of my life. I am excited to contribute our time and resources to making the world a better place.“

The duo seemed to be quite devoted to one another.

Furthermore, the couple has lately revealed that they are expecting a boy. They have, however, not revealed any details about their child.

Furthermore, there is no information on Elaine’s previous affairs or relationships with other boys.

The couple is living a very wealthy lifestyle together and there are no signs of a divorce.

There have been no scandals or speculations about their extramarital affairs with anyone else up to this point.