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Feliks and Marina Frenkel: Who Are They? Ariel Frenkel’s Parents

Ariel Frenkel

The parents of The Bachelor season 27 contestant Ariel Frenkel are Feliks and Marina Frenkel. Ariel Frenkel’s parents fled the Soviet Union because they were oppressed because they were Jewish. The twenty-seventh season of ABC’s popular reality dating show The Bachelor premiered on January 23, 2023.

Zach Shallcross, an Oracle sales executive in Anaheim Hills, California, is featured in the current season.

Zach’s search for true love is chronicled in the dating show.

On Monday’s hometowns episode, Zach Shallcross paid a visit to the families of the final four contestants – Kaity Biggar, Gabi Elnicki, Charity Lawson, and Ariel.

Charity Lawson left the show following the episode on Monday.

Ariel is now one of three participants left on the show.

As a result, viewers of The Bachelor are anxious to discover more about Ariel.

The topic of today’s piece is the attractive marketing Executive’s parents, family, and background.

Have you met Ariel Frenkel’s brother, Bobby Frenkel?

Ariel Frenkel’s family also includes her brother, Bobby Frenkel, and a sister-in-law.

In 2021, the rising star’s sibling was wedded in a typical Jewish wedding ceremony.

The actress congratulated her brother in an Instagram post with a humorous comment.

The caption reads, “Congratulations to my brother and his bride for deciding to get married before Omicron became omnipresent.”

Ariel Frenkel
Ariel Frenkel’s parents and her brother Bobby Frenkel. Source: Jewish Unpacked

The Bachelor contestant has a strong bond with her family and friends.

She values her relationships with those around her.

Ariel once revealed to Zach that her family consists of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants in New York.”

What Happened During Ariel Frenkel’s Visit to Her Hometown?

Zach Shallcross, an Oracle sales executive, walked with Ariel Frenkel to her hometown of New York, where they ate pastrami, pizza, and cow’s tongue to reflect on her culture.

They also kissed as they walked through New York.

Zach met Ariel’s parents and sibling at a Brooklyn winery.

Bobby later approached the sales executive and expressed his skepticism.

Ariel Frenkel
Ariel Frenkel with Zach Shallcross in a show. Source: Twitter

The reality show’s approach, according to Ariel’s protective brother, was unconventional.

Bobby also said that Ariel picked Zach before questioning why she should.

Shallcross was taken aback, but responded firmly, saying he had a big heart and sees a future with Ariel.

Bobby inquired of Shallcross about Ariel’s middle name and birthdate.

However, the sales Executive stated that not understanding little details is not a problem.

Ariel’s father also spoke with Zach and assured her that he trusted her judgment.

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Feliks and Marina Frenkel: Age Difference Between Ariel Frenkel’s Parents

Feliks and Marina Frenkel gave birth to Ariel Frenkel on August 24, 1994, in Manhattan, New York.

It is unknown how old The Bachelor contestant’s mother and father are.

As a result, the age difference between the parents and the daughter is unknown.

However, based on the photos, we can conclude that Ariel and her parents are at least 25 years apart in age.

Her parents immigrated to the United States from Ukraine in the 1970s. Ariel’s parents are both Jews.

The 28-year-old star’s ABC profile describes her as “the thrill-seeker from a big, loving Ukrainian family.”

Ariel has also volunteered with the UJA Federation of New York, the world’s largest local Jewish philanthropy.

She also volunteered at COJECO, the tri-state region’s hub for the Russian-speaking Jewish community.

According to reports, the reality star’s parents were opposed to her decision to join The Bachelor.