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Has Nicola Bulley’s Missing Mother Been Found?

Nicola Bulley

Nicola Bulley’s disappearance has been trending on Twitter since she went missing while walking her dog on Friday morning and has not been seen since. An “abandoned” house is investigated in an attempt to find the missing mother, Nicola Bulley.

The 45-year-old went missing while walking his dog along the River Wyre off Garstang Road in St Michael’s on Wyre, sparking a large police search.

The 45-year-old was last seen on a riverbank dog walk in St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, on Friday morning.

Has Nicola Bulley’s Missing Mother Been Found?

The 45-year-old woman was last seen walking her dog on Friday morning (January 27) and has not been seen since.

Willow, her beloved springer spaniel, was found beside the River

Wyre after she left her children off at St. Michael’s-on-Wyre Primary School that morning.

Bulley has been updated.

On Thursday afternoon, Lancashire Police published an update, revealing a CCTV photograph of a woman walking a white dog.

Ms. Bulley is thought to have vanished in St. Michael’s-on-Wyre.

The police department stated that there was no evidence of third-party

involvement and that the lady was sought out to serve as a witness.

Nicola Bulley
Nicola’s search team source: Twitter

The woman’s presence was later confirmed by the police department via a tweet.

“We know that Nicola’s disappearance has caused a great deal of concern in the wider local community, as well as an awful period for her family,” Supt Sally Riley said.

This is still a missing person inquiry, and no evidence of third-party participation in Nicola’s disappearance has been found.

“I understand there are unanswered questions about what happened to Nicola, but I ask that people refrain from speculating or spreading false rumors.”

We will provide updates as soon as they become available, but we must be exact.

Nicola’s family is being kept up to date on events and is being aided by cops.”

“We appreciate the community’s help and cooperation thus far, but I’d like to emphasize that some riverbanks are dangerous, especially in light of recent rain.”

We respectfully beg that no one endangers themselves or interferes with the Police and other cooperating organizations’ hunt for Nicola.”

Nicola Bulley Was Last Seen Where? What became of her?

Nicola Bulley
Nicola with her husband and children Source: People

Ms. Bulley lives in Inskip, which is about three miles away from where she walks.

“She allegedly drops her children off at St. Michael’s and then travels east

where there are forests and a river, where she walks her dog every day,” Mr. Camplin stated.

“So it’s not an unfamiliar location to her, and it’s a popular area for both walkers and dog walkers.” It’s a genuinely gorgeous region.”

Ms. Bulley is Caucasian, 5ft 3in tall, and has shoulder-length light brown hair.

When she went missing, she was wearing a long black gullet jacket with a hood, black trousers, and olive green ankle Wellington boots.

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Ms. Bulley’s friends have informed Sky News that they “simply want her home.”

“We’ve got two small girls that want their mothers,” Emma White told the broadcaster. “If anyone has any information, please come forward.”

Ms. Bulley was regarded as a “wonderful, lovely lady on the inside and out” by her.

Ms. White stated that her boyfriend, Paul, was “trying to be as strong as he could” for the couple’s two children, aged nine and six.

“We don’t know why she went missing or where she is; we just want her home,” Ms. White continued.

“We want to cling to the hope that no news is good news,” said another friend, Heather Gibbons, to Sky News.

But knowing Nicky, all we know is that she will be wherever she is if she stays at home with her girls, but if she can, we believe she will be wherever she is.”