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Helen Miller: Who Is She? Meet Bushwhacker Butch’s Wife

Bushwhacker Butch

Butch is survived by his wife, Helen Miller, two daughters, and several grandchildren. The death of WWE legend Bushwhacker Butch has saddened the whole wrestling industry. After being hospitalized for a brief illness, he died on Sunday night, April 3, 2023. Butch’s longtime tag team partner, Bushwhacker Luke, broke the news on social media. Bushwhacker Butch, born Robert Miller, was a former New Zealand professional wrestler.

Over his decades-long career, the late wrestler accumulated enormous recognition, money, and countless key championships and accolades.

In terms of his personal life, the 78-year-old presented himself as a family man with a devoted wife, children, and grandchildren.

Bushwhacker Butch’s Family and Professional Career

Bushwhacker Butch was born on October 21, 1944, in Auckland, New Zealand, as Butch Miller.

Butch has had a lifetime fascination in wrestling.

He began his professional boxing career in 1964.

He was a member of the NWA New Zealand and had tremendous regional success.

In the late 1980s, he relocated to the United States.

He was most known as a member of the Mid-South Wrestling, Championship Wrestling of Florida, and other organizations’ tag team, the Sheepherders, as well as the WWE’s Bushwhackers.

Bushwhacker Butch
Bushwhacker Butch opsing for a photo. Source: WWF Old School

In 1965, he formed a collaboration with Bushwhacker Luke (Brian Wickens).

They wrestled for a variety of organizations around the world, including the Continental Wrestling Association in Memphis, All Japan Pro Wrestling, several NWA areas, Stampede Wrestling, the Globe Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and others.

After years of toiling as savage foreign heels, the duo stormed WWE in late 1988 as the Bushwhackers, turning their fortunes around with one devastating clash after another.

The Bushwhackers wrestled for WWE until 1996 before switching to independents and disbanding in 2001, the same year Miller announced his retirement.

Professional wrestlers have won three NWA PNW (Pacific Northwest) Tag Team Championships, two Stampede Wrestling International Tag Team Championships, one NWA Florida Tag Team Championship, and countless others.

Who Is Helen Miller, the wife of WWE Bushwhacker Butch?

Bushwhacker Butch was married to Helen Miller.

The couple had been married for a long time.

Their wedding date has not been revealed.

In contrast, the married couple had been together for decades.

Sharon and Kirsten, the couple’s two amazing children, were born throughout their marriage.

Their children are both grown and living on their own.

Bushwhacker Butch
Bushwhacker Butch during a program, giving his speech. Source: Wrestlelive

In addition, the wrestler’s daughters are married women with children.

Butch was thus a devoted grandfather who left a big number of grandchildren.

Butch was also claimed to have lived at Paraparaumu Beach until 2016.

The legendary figure and his wife moved to Otaki Beach in 2016.

Mrs. Miller and the Miller family must be crushed by the death of a beloved family member.

We send our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers to the grieving family.

Let us hope they find the strength and courage to get through this terrible time.

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The Net Worth of Bushwhacker Butch

Bushwhacker Butch was a legendary wrestler.

Throughout his career, he rose to prominence.

As a result, he must have amassed a substantial fortune.

According to some online sources, the wrestler has a net worth in the six figures.

Furthermore, according to ZipRecruiter, professional wrestlers will earn an average annual salary of $55,000 in 2023.

However, he must have made a lot of money throughout his time.