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Is Ant Glizzy in Jail? Meet His Brother Shy Glizzy and find out what he did.

Ant Glizzy

Is DC rapper Ant Glizzy arrested?  Ant Glizzy is a Washington, D.C.-based American rapper. He rose to prominence through his mixtapes and songs, which frequently included his distinct flow and hard-hitting lyricism. Glizzy also released his first mixtape, Barbara Son, in 2015, which helped him earn a tremendous reputation and fame.

He has also recorded a few singles, including Having Fun and Computers Freestyle.

Glizzy released his fourth full-length album, You Hear Me 2, in 2021.

Glizzy is not only well-known for his music, but he also frequently causes controversy.

Similarly, the D.C. rapper is currently making headlines as a result of his arrest.

So, if you’re curious about his arrest specifics, keep reading till the conclusion.

What Did Ant Glizzy Do?

We don’t know why Ant Glizzy was held because no formal word about his arrest has been released.

The rapper’s charges were unknown at the time of publication.

Meanwhile, YouTube videos are circulating on social media, with the majority of them being rather old.

According to reports, the video was made in 2019.

Ant Glizzy
Ant Glizzy was handcuffed in 2019. Source: YouTube

Ant Glizzy is handcuffed on the floor and chatting with police officers in the video.

According to the Dmv Glo YouTube channel, Glizzy was dragged from his residence and handcuffed by Housing and MPD.

Glizzy was also hounded and falsely accused of having a warrant out for his arrest.

We will provide you with updates on his current news as soon as possible.

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Is Ant Glizzy in Jail? Charges Against a DC Rapper

Ant Glizzy, a DC rapper, has reportedly been detained.

The rapper’s arrest has recently been published on social media, and fans are wondering if the news is true.

At the time of writing, no actual or verified information has been released.

Many YouTube channels, however, have posted footage concerning the rapper’s incarceration.

Glizzy, on the other hand, was detained on March 8, 2023, in Maryland and later moved to Virginia.

One user commented in the comments section that it was all a marketing gimmick for YouTube videos.

Also, the rapper posted a tale on Instagram saying, “Free me; I’ll be home soon.”

Glizzy has been detained as a result of this. People are increasingly concerned about the reason for his arrest.

Ant Glizzy’s Feud with His Brother Shy Glizzy

Ant Glizzy was born on February 28, 1992, in Washington, DC, to his parents.

His father was shot and died when he was 19 years old, according to reports.

Meanwhile, Glizzy has a mother named Barbara Amonte with whom he has a close relationship.

In addition, he has a brother named Marquis Amonte.

They grew up rapping, and the Amonte brothers are only 10 months apart in age.

Ant Glizzy
The Glizzy Gang, Source: raptology

Later, Ant’s brother used the stage name Shy Glizzy and began rapping.

When the Glizzy brothers got into a fight, it made headlines.

There was a conflict between Ant Glizzy and Shy Glizzy when Shy did not appear in Ant’s music video and afterward did not ask Ant to be in his song.

Shy went on to establish his own label, Glizzy Gang and has since released multiple albums that have helped him become more well-known in the music world than Ant.