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Is Aubrey Plaza Pregnant With Her Husband? Married Life And Family

Aubrey Plaza

Is Aubrey Plaza expecting a child? NO! The White Lotus actress and her husband, Jeff Baena, have not verified nor refuted the rumors. Aubrey Plaza is an outstanding actress of American descent. She is not only a superb performer, but also a comedian and producer. Her most recent appearance was on the American television series The White Lotus.

On October 30, the comedy-drama anthology show premiered.

Aubrey began her career in 2006 and has been in various films and television shows.

There’s also talk regarding Plaza’s pregnancy. Is the actress expecting a baby?

Is Aubrey Plaza expecting a child?

Aubrey Plaza’s pregnancy report arose earlier this week after she was pictured with what some assumed was a baby bump.

A source close to the Plaza-Baena couple was expecting a child, according to the story.

On October 28, 2022, the white ethnicity celebrity was observed sporting a noticeable stomach bump during an intimate dinner date near her home.

Furthermore, the actress made two toasts by sipping water instead of wine, which was unusual.

More oil was poured on the blaze as a result of the activity.

Aubrey Plaza
Aubrdey Plaza and her husband. Source: ELLE

To be clear, drinking alcohol during pregnancy is not advised for pregnant women.

Furthermore, the star’s representative denied making any remarks about her personal life.

Neither confirmation nor denial has been issued. As a result, numerous articles regarding the claimed pregnancy have surfaced on the internet.

Let’s see if the reported baby bump and abstinence from booze were the indications that eventually led to the Safety Not Guaranteed star’s pregnancy.

Aubrey Plaza And Jeff Baena Marital Life

Aubrey Plaza has been dating Jeff Baena since 2011. The actress and filmmaker married in 2021.

Plaza’s wife is a well-known screenwriter and film director who has worked on films such as Life After Beth, Joshy, The Little Hours, Spin Me Round, and many others.

The White Lotus actress announced their marriage on Instagram, calling the director “Darling Husband.”

The enamored couple met while shooting the films Life After Beth and The Little Hours.

The married couple collaborates frequently.

For example, the actor made her directing debut in Cinema Toast, a Showtime anthology series developed by Baena.

While quarantined at home, the duo apparently collaborated on the series.

Finally, we await word on Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena’s child.

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Bradley Olivier’s Age And Wikimedia Commons:

Aubrey Plaza’s Parks and Recreation character drove her insane.

Parks and Recreation, a television series starring Aubrey Plaza, was a big success.

She portrayed April Ludgate, a sarcastic and indifferent intern in the parks department, in the series.

Aubrey was so obsessed with her role, April Ludgate, that she threatened to get pregnant in order to attain her onscreen aim.

The actress’s determination was admirable.

Aubrey Plaza
Aubrey Plaza Recalls Surreal First Parks & Rec Meeting On The Office Set. Source: moviemaker

Leslie and Ben were revealed to be triplets in the series. But the plot irritated Aubrey.

During an interview with Vulture, the actress joked that the show’s writers and filmmakers were doing it to spite her.

The skilled actress revealed that she had been imploring them to let her character become pregnant, saying,

“If they don’t put a baby inside of me, I’m going to put one in myself so that they’re forced to write it on to the show!”