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Is Ecuador Captian Enner Valencia a Muslim? Ethnicity And Origin

Enner Valencia

Enner Valencia of Ecuador is considered to be a star performer in the 2017 FIFA World Cup. Discover everything there is to know about Enner Valencia’s faith, family, and nationality. The Ecuador national team captain and #13 striker is a professional footballer. He has been representing Ecuador since 2012, and his 37 goals are a record for his country.

He also holds the record for Ecuador’s most World Cup goals (three) alongside Agustn Delgado.

However, after his outstanding performance against Qatar in the first game, that record seems to be completely his.

He formerly played for Emelec, UANL, West Ham United, and Everton (on loan).

Discover Enner Valencia’s Ethnicity And Origin.

Enner Remberto Lastra Valencia, sometimes known as Enner Valencia, was born in San Lorenzo, Ecuador.

Bolivia Lastra and Remberto Valencia are his parents.

Enner is of Afro-Ecuadorian descent and holds Ecuadorian citizenship.

Ericka Valencia and Erci Valencia are the names of the Fernebache player’s sisters.

When a highly armed gang kidnapped Erci in San Lorenzo in August 2020, she endured a tragic tragedy.

They imprisoned her for eleven days before releasing her unscathed.

Lieutenant Henry Herrera claimed during a press conference that the gang’s motivation was to demand a $2 million (£1.5 million) ransom.

Enner Valencia
Enner Valencia’s family. Source: Kapikitab

Five persons were arrested as a result of the incident.

Following her release, Enner turned to Twitter to express his “mix of emotions” and to thank everyone, especially the authorities, for their assistance in rescuing his sister.

Peter Valencia (uncle), Juan Guerrero (nephew), and José Mina Quiones (brother-in-law) are among his extended family members.

People frequently confuse him with his brother, former Manchester United footballer Antonio Valencia.

Antonio dispelled the accusations by stating that his brother’s name was Éder.

Enner currently plays at the highest level, but he was not always that lucky.

He comes from a low-income household that struggled to meet their necessities.

He worked hard from a young age, assisting his father in earning money by selling cow milk on the street.

Even after starting his football career, Enner did not have enough money to pay his rent and had to rely on financial assistance from his team.

However, he was always enthusiastic about the sport and utilized rag balls to train and improve as a player regularly.

He also lied to his parents and skipped lectures to concentrate on his game.

Enner recalled his boyhood by saying, “I was always with a ball or a bottle, or whatever I came across, always trying to get a game going.”

Is Ecuador’s Captain Enner Valencia a Muslim?

Enner Valencia, according to Football Arroyo, is a Christian.

However, an official source has yet to confirm the information.

Enner and his teammates performed a spectacular celebration following his brace in the first half of the opening game against Qatar.

They dropped down on their knees and pointed to the sky.

While the actual meaning of this gesture is unknown, it is most likely religious.

According to Statista, the most common religion in Ecuador is Catholic Christianity (68.8%), followed by Evangelist (10.6%), Pentecostal Evangelist (3.7%), and others.

All of the country’s major faiths are distinct sects and branches of Christianity.

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Meet Enner Valencia, his wife, and their four children.

Enner Valencia is married to Sharon Escobar, a philanthropist.

The couple has four children: three daughters named Beira, Amelia, and Annalia, and one boy named David.

Amelia is eight years old, Annalia is five, and David is three.

His eldest daughter, Beira, is from his former wife, Sinthyia Pinargote Chumo, while the rest are from his present wife, Sharon.

Enner and Sharon are relieved that their children get along even though Beira is a stepsister.

Enner Valencia
Enner Valencia with his wife and children. Source: Kapikitab

Besides, the daughters share one feature: their gorgeous hair.

Enner’s relationship with his ex-wife has been strained.

In October 2016, she served him with a warrant for overdue child support.

In his defense, the footballer stated that Sinthyia intended to harm his public image and prevent him from visiting his daughter.

He further alleged that she wanted to spend the alimony on fancy automobiles and other frivolous goods.