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Is Emily Blunt Expecting Another Child in 2023?

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt, a British actress, launched her career in 2001 with her debut performance in the stage musical The Royal Family. Later, in 2004, Emily Blunt made her acting debut in the British drama My Summer of Love. Her career has seen ups and downs, but she made a breakthrough in 2009 with her main part in The Young Victoria.

Emily Blunt has gone on to star in significant films such as Sicario (2015), The Girl on the Train (2016), A Quiet Place (2018), The English (2022), and Oppenheimer (2023).

Emily met her husband, John Krasinski, an actor, and filmmaker, during her filmmaking experience, and they have been married since 2010.

Is Emily Blunt Expecting Another Child in 2023? Rumors About Baby Bump No

Emily Blunt is expecting in 2023, and any speculation about her pregnancy is false.

Emily Blunt, the mother of two girls, Hazel and Violet, is content with her motherhood and is not pregnant.

Her first child, Hazel, was born in 2014, and her second, Violet, was born in 2016.

In 2016, John even tweeted about how thrilled he was to announce the addition of a fourth member.

However, Emily Blunt did portray a mother in A Quiet Place 2 in 2021, and John even tweeted a photo of her carrying a baby.

John Krasinski tweeted about her second daughter’s arrival. (Source: Twitter)

And it is well known that the media and fans waste no time in spreading rumors sparked by a single spark of fire. However, the news breaking in 2023 is uncommon and unrelated.

Meanwhile, Emily’s fan page posted a photo of her with a baby bump, dressed elegantly in a long black gown and reclining on a chair.

However, a closer glance at the caption reveals that the raise is for her role as Katherine in Oppenheimer.

It’s “OPPENHEIMER” all the way.

It is therefore preferable to verify facts before casting doubt on your role models, as rumors in the entertainment industry are to be expected.

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So, why is Emily Blunt taking a break from acting?

Emily Blunt recently discussed her career sabbatical with Table For Two podcast host Bruce Bozzi in a recent episode.

Following the success of her play in Oppenheimer, the British actress opted to devote her time to her girls and spouse rather than her career.

Emily discussed with Bruce Bozzi how she balances her profession as a mother.

Not always, you know…..I never feel like I’m doing it correctly. But I’m not working this year.

She went on to say that she had a success story previously and that when her girls came to her, she didn’t stop working.

Emily Blunt has a baby bump for her role in Oppenheimer. (Source: Instagram)

However, Emily now believes that her eldest daughter is nine years old and has milestones in her life.

As a result, she wishes to be present in every detail of her girls’ lives.

Her remarks also contain a sense of mommy guilt that she was unable to fulfill due to her profession.

Emily wishes for her girls to find their passions and grow up happy.

The podcast was released prior to the theatrical release of Oppenheimer.

Despite her statements about taking a sabbatical, she has been cast in A Quiet Place:

Day One, directed by her husband, John, and set for release on March 8, 2024.

There is no connection between Emily taking a work sabbatical and being pregnant.

Instead, it is for the couple’s existing children.